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Secret to Happiness

knowing the difference

Passive Energy

Active Energy

and find the balance.


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The concept of Aromancy


It's all about love.

Do you know one question everyone in the world is asking?

The short answer is, "Who AM I".

Shortly after birth, one develops self-awareness (ego). It starts from "I am a boy or I am a girl", and begin learning to become man. There are many people who walk the path of success which define their identity, from the time of schooling to becoming a professional, or finding a partner to become parents.

Even they will age and must eventually leave this world.  

It is the teaching of Taoism to treat such ephemeral lives with respect and to obtain a state of immortality.

Then what is "I"? 

The answer is also short, in one word "love".  But in reality there are not many lucky souls who experienced love in its finest form. One who does not love himself is unable to love others, and the way of receiving love is distorted. On the other hand, one who love himself too much pretends to give love but in fact tries to take more than his share. 

One must learn to balance opposing forces, Yin and Yang, or give and take.

Yin Yang Five Elements and Aromancy

From macro to micro, the energy of Universe gyrates and there exists an opposing force of stillness and movement. Using a tap as an example, the vertical axis that connects heaven and earth represents the stillness, and the horizontal force that makes it to gyrate is the movement. We call stillness Yin, and movement Yang. When you divide Yin and Yang further gives birth to Five Elements. Upward energy is called Metal, downward energy is called Water, out to inward energy is called Earth, in to outward energy is called Wood, and central energy is called Fire. In relation of up and down, Metal is Yang and Water is Yin. In relation of in and out, Earth is Yang and Wood is Yin. The energy relationship of Yin and Yang is not absolute but relative to the point of reference.

Essential Oils

The Aromancy Board houses 185 natural essential oils. These aromatic treasures from around the world are organized according Yin-Yang and Five Elements, creating the universe that mirrors the universe of man.  

Life, after all, is just a story, but as long as you play the main character, shouldn't it be the best story?

I propose you to express your story in perfume and in the language of plants.

Aromancy Session 35000 yen  3-5 hours including Aroma Spray 30ml + Aroma Oil 5ml  

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