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...Art of Perfumery and Divination.

Welcome to the World of Aromatic Treasures


Of our five senses, touch, taste, seeing, hearing, smell, the sense of smell is said to be connected directly to the primal emotion. For this reason or another, when we describe scents, we use words of taste like sweet and salty, and in the world of perfumery, we say "listening" and use music terms like note and harmony. Scents can bring a memory of past beyond time and space and allow us to reconnect with the self. Ancients have learned the quality of plants from their form, colour, and scents to advance their culture.

What is Aromancy?

Aromancy is a healing work focusing on spiritual-emotional health using our sense of smell as an intuitive guide. It is also a journey to the world of plant wisdoms, where we may discover who/what we are. Plant essences that we meet along the way may tell us something we need to hear. Perhaps a simple truth, or a new hope or determination.  We then create a perfume that help us to live today in joy and enable us manifest our highest potential for tomorrow. 



Aromancy Session

Aromancy is conducted as a private session. Pose a question about your life's theme or challenges, and choose out of 185 plant essences that offers an answer and create a perfume. you may take as much time as you like, until you are satisfied, which normally takes three to five hours to complete a session. 


Aromancy Session 35000Yen includes aroma spray 30ml + aroma oil 5ml.

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Case Studies

Many people from all over the world have already experienced Aromancy session. Regardless of difference in culture, we all want the same thing - to be happy. Here I introduce some of their stories, what theme they had, and what they chose. 


Do you already love aroma and have few essential oils but not sure actually how to best use them? Do you want to benefit people around you privately or professionally? Then you may consider taking Aromancy's workshops. We offer both in-house and online classes in English.



Healing Space Koma offers various modalities of bodywork. Bowen Wei has been practicing professionally since 2001. Initially he studied Thai Traditional Massage in Cheng Mai, Thailand, then in 2003 he completed 700-hr therapeutic massage course in Maui, Hawaii, and also completed advance courses in Bowen Technique (Australia, name unrelated) He received Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2008 and licensed in the state of Hawaii.

He has worked in private practices alongside with acupuncturists and chiropractors, in resort hotels and in cruise ships.