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...Art of Perfumery and Divination.


Space Komanoba offers various modalities of bodywork to cater your preference, physical condition and symptoms. Just ask the practitioner when you are unsure what the best method for you.

We consider your privacy and safety as the number one issue. Therefore we receive our client one at a time. 

Practitioner: Bowen Wei 

Master of  Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine  〜2008  Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of HawaiiMaui School of Therapeutic Massage Graduated 〜2003 Bowen Technique Australia Advance Certificate〜2003 Thai Traditional Massage Teacher Training 〜2001

​Opening hours: 11-20 7 days  Reservation necessary


Lavaflow Hotstone Lomi Lomi Massage

Feel the spirit of Aloha in Tokyo. Hotstone Lomi Lomi Massage is a traditional healing art of Hawaii which gives the deepest relaxation. Lava stones used are personally collected from a secret beach in Maui. You will feel the energy of mother earth!  


Duration: 1.5hr 12000 yen


Swedish Aromatherapy Oil Massage

The most popular treatment in spas all over, Swedish massage has four basic movements, which activate blood and lymphatic flow, help metabolism, loosen tight muscles and speed up healing wounds. By adjusting the pressure, speed of stroke etc., one can achieve relaxing or invigorating result. By combining other technique such as Deep Tissue, Trigger points, Polarity therapy etc. you can expect desired outcome.  

Duration: 1.25hr 10000 yen

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Thai Traditional and Shiatsu Hybrid


Combined deeply relaxing Thai massage with accuracy of Shiatsu. Perfect for those who prefer work over cloth without oil on skin, and for those who like to receive stronger work, and who needs stretching. Treatment is done on a mat. Please bring a comfortable loose clothes.

Duration: 1.5hr 10000 yen

Tuningfork Balancing

It is said that in healing work subtler goes deeper. Working with Chakras and acupuncture meridians are examples.  Vibration from tuning forks given on acupuncture points can deliver same or better effective result as needles, but painless and no foreign objects penetrate your skin. It is a perfect modality for hyper sensitive people.


Duration 1 hr  7000 yen