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Secret to Happiness

knowing the difference

Passive Energy

Active Energy

and find the balance.



It's all about love.

Do you know one question everyone in the world is asking?

The short answer is, "Who AM I".

Shortly after birth, one develops self-awareness (ego). It starts from "I am a boy or I am a girl", and begin learning to become man. There are many people who walk the path of success which define their identity, from the time of schooling to becoming a professional, or finding a partner to become parents.

Even they will age and must eventually leave this world.  

It is the teaching of Taoism to treat such ephemeral lives with respect and to obtain a state of immortality.

Then what is "I"? 

The answer is also short, in one word "love".  But in reality there are not many lucky souls who experienced love in its finest form. One who does not love himself is unable to love others, and the way of receiving love is distorted. On the other hand, one who love himself too much pretends to give love but in fact tries to take more than his share. 

One must learn to balance opposing forces, Yin and Yang, or give and take.

Yin Yang Five Elements and Aromancy

From macro to micro, the energy of Universe gyrates and there exists an opposing force of stillness and movement. Using a tap as an example, the vertical axis that connects heaven and earth represents the stillness, and the horizontal force that makes it to gyrate is the movement. We call stillness Yin, and movement Yang. When you divide Yin and Yang further gives birth to Five Elements. Upward energy is called Metal, downward energy is called Water, out to inward energy is called Earth, in to outward energy is called Wood, and central energy is called Fire. In relation of up and down, Metal is Yang and Water is Yin. In relation of in and out, Earth is Yang and Wood is Yin. The energy relationship of Yin and Yang is not absolute but relative to the point of reference.

Essential Oils

The Aromancy Board houses 185 natural essential oils. These aromatic treasures from around the world are organized according Yin-Yang and Five Elements, creating the universe that mirrors the universe of man.  

Life, after all, is just a story, but as long as you play the main character, shouldn't it be the best story?

I propose you to express your story in perfume and in the language of plants.

Aromancy Session 35000 yen  3-5 hours including Aroma Spray 30ml + Aroma Oil 5ml  

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Applying Yin Yang Five Elements to Human

Yin is the passive energy that accepts the given condition. Yang is the active energy that gets what it wants. There are Yin and Yang with in each of Water, Metal, Earth, Wood and Fire Elements. Metal’s Yin receives the energy of air. Yang is the energy to shield pathogenic factor from air. Water’s Yin receives the benefit from earth, Yang is the energy to absorb the nutrients. Earth’s Yang takes nourishment from outside, and Yin is to convert it to meat and blood. Wood’s Yin is to store the energy that Earth took in, and Yang to use it to express one’s self. Fire’s Yang is to circulate energy to all elements, and Yin is to attract the benefactor.

Personality Reading based on Characteristics of Elements.

Each Element has its strength and weakness. A person with Water dominant personality maybe

calm but fearful of agitation. A Metal dominant person maybe intuitive but melancholic. A Earth dominant person maybe easy-going but indecisive. A Wood dominant person maybe dependable but too dominant. Fire dominant person maybe passionate but too intense.

Five Emotions corresponding to Five Elements


The world has changed a lot now with the new Corona virus.


Many people all over the world are experiencing the same emotional upsets in their daily lives and losing their mental and emotional balance.


The feeling of fear influence the water element. Water is soft body that can fill into any shape, but when faced with fear, tension causes the body to freeze and momentarily stop moving. Then the panick sets in, having to choose whether to fight or flight. The subsequent action tells the difference in the individual character.


The reaction to the invisible enemy, the coronavirus, and how to deal with it has been varied in the international community. A country that lockdown was enforced instantly,  aiming for collective immunity. Another country neglected to prepare, or a country that was indecisive in taking the right action. At the individual level as well, personalities such as those who become aggressive, those who become conservative, those who become suspicious, those who pretend to be indifferent, etc., appear to be amplified. These actions are also prominent in Water element as well as Metal element.


The feelings for the coronavirus are the horrors that fundamentally to face the death. Most people, other than specially trained hermits, do not understand death and may actually be about escaping from the suffering of living.


The nature water is to fit in any shape, to fit in any given environment.


It means accepting everything and “letting go”.


The feeling of sadness affects Metal element. The vital organ of Metal element is the lung. Lungs must be held large and open to take in the air that we need to survive. However, there may also be harmful airborne infectious substance such as coronavirus, and when we face such danger, we must hold breath, but we cannot keep it held forever. Eventually, we must inhale even if it kills us.


Sadness is the feeling of being in a situation where you can't do anything about it.


The same thing happens in relationships. You may be suddenly attacked by relatives and friends who should help each other to survive. In such moment, we feel betrayed and feel sad. We are deflated, hunch our back and sigh.


To save ourselves, some may try to become invisible or simply escape, while others may become aggressive instead, or pretend to be indifferent to others. 


What we must accept, is that the action of others are beyond our control. All we can do is to control ourselves. In the realm of Metal element, we have the power to exhale, and let go of the feelings of being poisoned and sadness that have entered out of our system.


Earth element is concerned with obtaining daily nourishment. Each of us is assigned to a certain function within the family and the society at large. In order to fulfil the expectation of others and to fill our stomach, we must build muscle strength and attain necessary skill. Stress comes when we feel we are given unsuited role, or unable to achieve the expected result.      


Anxiety and worries are emotions that occur when you over control your emotions and think too much with your head.


With the advent of the coronavirus, there are people who are suddenly losing their jobs or at risk of losing business. There are also people whose work environment has worsened due to increase in demand, like medical personnel and the transportation industry. Not to mention people who are at risk of life exactly from the virus. On the contrary, some people have the opportunity of lifetime, but even for them it is necessary to find a solution for the collective before the economy collapse completely.


Now is the time to believe in amazing vitality of life, stay bright, healthy, and survive until death.


The essence of a tree is to grow upwards to reach the sky. The role of Wood element for human beings is to be free and become the creator.


Corona has suddenly created a big wall in our path. When the road is blocked, energy loses its flow and the friction occurs. This is the emotion of anger. Anger wanders in search of a destination. When we are unable to resolve it, we may turn to violence against other people, or use abusive language. If you aim anger at yourself, your emotions would go round and round, affecting other elements. You would be scared, sad, or depressed.


The way to get out of this situation is to calmly judge the existing given environment, devise a solution, and put it into practice. You may need to take a step back for that, or it may be best to prepare for a big detour. Whichever path you take, it is up to you to decide, and resolve to assume responsibility.


Among five elements, Fire has the only positive emotion. The heart belongs to Fire. Human beings are born to enjoy life that the universe offers. For joy we are given five senses, and to give back, we hone our skills, and create something beautiful. Another role of the fire element is to distinguish good from bad. The organ of small intestine plays this role. It absorbs the beneficial substances from the food that comes down from the stomach and sends harmful substances to the large intestine as excrement. Mistakes have fatal consequences.


Opinions are largely divided regarding the good and bad of corona countermeasures. Lockdowns, self-restraint, and activities that were put into “non-essential” categories, such as art, sports, and food, were all things that gave people “joy”. When joy disappears, fire goes out.


Viruses are structurally non-living organisms. Do actions that match the vibrations of non-life really show good results? Or is this the best way for the humanity and the planet?


At least now we have the opportunity to review everything.


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