Oriental Medicine Concepts  - Yin and Yang

 “Tao gives birth to one.

One gives birth to two.

Two gives birth to three.

Three gives birth to all things and all beings.

All beings bear the negative physical form which is represented by Yin, 

and embrace the positive true nature which is represented by Yang.”

Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 42 

Yin and Yang is the polarity, male-female principle of Universe. As everything in nature is in constant flux, there is no absolute. No male is completely masculine, no female is completely feminine. 

Yin and Yang is best understood by energetic directions or tendencies: Yin is feminine, connects to mother earth, thus downward, returning direction. Yang is masculine, connects to heaven, thus upward, expanding direction.

There are Four aspects of the Yin - Yang relationship which can be useful to identify: they are opposite, interdependent, mutually consuming, and inter-transformative. Like the North and the South Pole, they are opposite, but interdependent, which means they cannot exist without the other. In every Yin exists a seed of Yang and vice versa. Mutually consuming means that they are in a constant state of dynamic balance. Each affects the other by changing its proportion to achieve a state of balance. Also, they are inter-transformative, which means that Yin can transform into Yang and vice versa.

In terms of points of reference, Yin and Yang are determined by the point of reference of the observer, so they are always relative. Both Yin and Yang depend on the observer as a point of reference and are only becoming visible through relationship and comparison. For example, if A, B, C are seen as linear points and the observer stands at a point B, then from that position point A appears as more Yin, and point C appears as more Yang. If the same observer stands at point C, both both A and B appear as more Yin than C.

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