Oriental Medicine Concepts  - Wood Element

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Meridian is the pathway of energy that flows in a cyclical manner throughout our body. Each meridian relates to an organ, and it is what acupuncturist uses to access and tries to bring us into balance.  A body map of meridians shows the most superficial and visible layer of energy flow but the physical body is only a finite stage of energetic evolution. Although treating a physical ailment is not the scope of Aromancy practice, it is important and useful to know the meridian system when your client has symptoms manifested in a particular part of the body.

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Circadian Rhythms

Circadian Rhythms are the flow of vital energy through organs during the 24-hour cycle. This is a very useful tool during the consultation to determine which Element needs to be attended.

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The circadian clock shows why it is virtuous to live a monk’s life. Early morning hours are Lung time, which is the best time to meditate. It also happens that during these hours trees “exhale” oxygen. Followed by Large Intestine time to eliminate. Empty of waste, it is Stomach time, then Spleen does the ripening of food.  The heart is in the change over time of AM to PM, which explains why we say “change of heart” Afternoon hours are for absorbing, adjusting fluid level, and distributing energy throughout the body. The gallbladder is on another change over time, and it is said that Gallbladder rules decision making. Liver rules creative energy. No wonder artists often stay up late into wee hours.