Oriental Medicine Concepts  - Water Element

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 Water Element connects us to the mother earth. Mother Earth is the source of our material body. We are a seed that grew from our parents. We carry the DNA of our parents who is the mother earth. Where we were born, from which parents, what social-economical state did the family have at the time of our birth, these are all things we can not change. Our challenge, just like a seed sprouting from the earth, whether that soil is fertile or not, is to accept the gifts of life we have received and to make the most of our abilities in order to be able to grow and prosper.

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Physical aspects: 

The Water Element corresponds to Kidney and Bladder. kidneys are multi-functional houses of inner activity: it filters out toxins, salts, and urea, it balances the water in the body, regulates blood pressure, they regulate the blood cells and the acidity. The “Kidney” function in Oriental Medicine is not only the filtering of blood, but the kidney also governs the reproductive organs. It makes marrow, fills up the brain and controls the bones. Kidney houses will power and are crucial for the body.

The partner Yang organ is the Bladder that uses Kidney Qi to collect and remove urine or unneeded water filled with toxins. The Bladder can be affected by emotions associated with Kidney.

The external organ of the water element is the Bones. The bones from the skeleton, which holds the body and structures it. They function to move, support, and protect the various organs of the body, produce red and white blood cells and store minerals. Without the bones, the body cannot carry or hold itself, as it lacks support. Also, the internal organs remain without bones unprotected.

Problems surrounding Water Element:

No plants (with the exception of some parasitic species) can grow without roots. No amount of nutrient will help if the seed is not good. The kidney houses the original source of our energy. This energy is finite, what you are born with is all you have. It does not rejuvenate and it cannot be increased. All we can do it protect it. So do not abuse it, take care of it as of a precious gift and preserve it with care. 

In today’s world, so many people have left home to live in different cities or countries, sometime by force, other times by free will. This leads to disconnection to the source, to the roots, that often is not immediately apparent but nevertheless distorts (for good or for worse) one’s growth.

A physical manifestation of diseases concerning Water Element:

Sexual dysfunction, loss of libido, fertility, addiction, Weakness of the lower back, hard of hearing, loss or greying of hair, poor memory 

The emotional aspects:

The emotion associated with the water element is that of fear. It corresponds to the feeling of “scarcity” - not having enough, of not being connected or not being grounded, therefore feeling insecure and weak. In a balanced state, fearlessness and determination are present, one can deal with hardship without getting off centred. The keyword for the water element is Survival.

Emotional issues concerning Water Element:

Fear of death.

The emotional theme associated with Water Element is “Fear”. Our foremost fear is that of death. The thought of losing our body, becoming terminally ill can be incapacitating, limiting seriously our possibility to live our lives and enjoy its blessings. We might fear that we lose the ones we love, that we lose the support or love of our friends and thus we might have to face life alone. Fear of limited resources, of loneliness and lack of money, are also connected to the imbalance of the water element.  Fear can take the form of phobia or anxiety and it can lead to withdrawal and depression.

Jealousy and suspicion.

The feeling of scarcity can cause a feeling of “suspicion” and “jealousy”. These feelings stem out of comparing oneself to others and fearing that one is worse off than others, thus one’s own survival might have a lesser chance as compared to that of others. 

Transmutation of Emotion.

As mentioned before, Metal and Water Elements are our plant self. Passivity is the virtue of the plant, but for us, it is not always easy. The original emotions can be masked so well that is undetectable at first sight, but sadness and fear can transmute to anger, aggressiveness, indifference, and aloofness. These are the emotions of our animal self. Therefore it is important that you don’t immediately define the issue in one Element or the other. Look deeper, and consult with your client, bring it out on the table.

Recommendation for a successful consultation: 

Only a lucky few have a trouble-free life. Even a seed that grows in fertile soil, there is always a risk of withering. Too much fertilizer will burn the roots, or too much water will cause it to rot. The best of the earth means little if no sunlight shines upon it. Then there is the inevitable fact of aging. A wise do not stress. Essential oils in Water Element promote calmness, support sexual energy, and help to remind where we come from. In the final selection, there should be at least one oil from the Water Element included.