Oriental Medicine Concepts  - Earth Element

 The earth Element connects humans to the world of other sentient beings. Plants and animals are our brothers and sisters, from which we gain both our energy and knowledge to survive. We do so by eating them as food, as well by learning from them their wisdom of life. We are social beings, and our success in life largely depends on whom we surround ourselves with.  


The physical aspect: 

The Earth Element corresponds to Spleen and Stomach. Its function is to receive energy from outside sources and transform it into energies that we can absorb and use. It also deals with the transport of these energies to where they are needed. It controls blood, muscles, and the four limbs. It houses the Intellect. The stomach breaks down food into particles and then into nutrients. The spleen acts as a filter and is the biggest organ of the lymphatic system. It is an important organ for keeping bodily fluids balanced. Muscles permit movement and maintain the posture of the body. All muscles work by contraction to create movement.

The physical manifestation of diseases concerning Earth Element:

General weakness, weak muscles, tiredness, Eating disorders: difficulty with digestion, loose stools, obesity, craving sweets

The emotional aspect:

The emotion associated with the Earth element is that of “Pensiveness”, or “Worry”. Too much thinking or worrying may lead to indecision and stagnation. What to eat, what to learn, who to be within both romantic and occupational… all to do with bringing energies inside. Can it be poisonous? Would it take more than what is worth to learn a new skill? Is this man or woman right for me? When it comes to our social life, we need to live among others, with family, friends, and jobs, all causes more stress than we “need” sometimes. “Being able to stomach something” is a perfect idiom, because Earth Element’s theme is exactly that, tolerate or endure someone or something, until you can accept it. 

We often face difficulty having to make hard decisions. We have to feel if something is “Agreeable” or not. 

The keyword is Acceptance.

Emotional issues concerning Earth Element:

Indecision and Obsession.

A lack of confidence in choices one must make, and inability to achieve and acquire leads to clinging and obsession. This, in a relationship, can lead to over-mothering and smothering attention. It chokes the relationship and it turns to anger and fear and ends up in a negative cycle of blame and resentment.

Lack of Sympathy and Indifference.

The opposite end of the lack of confidence is being able to show sympathy. The inability to sympathize, one feels alone in the world. Most of us are pack animals. Success in life depends on the ability to assume one’s responsibility within the community. 

The origin of Earth Element issue is often the result of unsolved Metal and Water Element issues. Unable to blame the person who hurt them, who left them malnourished, turn to himself and continue the same treatment. Without letting go of the past, one can not move forward and take full responsibility for their destiny. 

Recommendation for a Successful Consultation:

What is important to be aware of, is that the decision is entirely yours, and happiness is a self-responsibility and self-determination. This is easier said than done. You can bring a horse to the waterhole, but can not make him drink it. You must wait until he gets thirsty. Guide them back to the source, and shine the light on the life that they received. Sometimes the fastest way forward is stepping back. In the meantime, support the energy level with essential oils that are light, spicy, and yummy.

Essential oils in Earth Element are uncomplicated, optimistic, and most people find them agreeable.

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