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31 Metal Element

31 Metal Element

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Metal Element's organs are Lung and Large Intestine. It naturally controls breathing and thus, the skin as well. The theme is the battle for available space, so we are talking about passivity against aggressivity.
"Serenity" is the most Yin, the most passive personality. The person who choose this would rather isolate himself instead of facing confrontation.
"Release" is the Yin. The person who choose this may have had to face confrontation, but has made, or in process of making the peace with the aggressor.
"Rebirth" is neutral. The person who choose this needs time to heal, or He understand the value of healing and wanting to become a healer.
"Liberty" is Yang. The person who choose this avoids confrontation by elevating himself on higher place. He can also afford to be a head above the rest.
"Courage" is the most Yang, and it is often chosen by people who has had abusive relationship. The person choosing this learns to or need to learn to push back, or assumes pre-emptive attack position.

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The theme of Metal Element is Space. How you respond to various challenges in the competitive space develop as your personality. The question is "How do you feel?" The prominent emotion out of feeling helpless is sadness.  

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