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16 Wood Element

16 Wood Element

Stage 4. Saturn - Wood Element. Self manifestation. Imprint: from puberty to adult to 28 years

The Wood Element’s theme is self manifestation.
Heaven (Metal), Earth (Water), Plants and Animals as food (Earth) energies are transformed
to Qi and Blood and we become a grown man, which is to be a creator.
The Wood Element is about growth, strength, and Flexibility.

The Emotional Aspect of Wood Element

The Wood as the source of creation needs freedom.
Freedom is not to receive but to win, but you are not always able to do how you please.
The society for the good of commonality creates arbitrary restriction.
Even your close contacts restrict you due to the available space. Also you may self regulate because of too big of a goal, or out of laziness. These restriction manifest as “ anger and irritation”, and it can cause depression when the balance is lost.

The Physical Aspect of Wood Element

Liver, Gallbladder. The liver’s function are digestion, metabolism, immunity, and storing of energy,
and the gallbladder store and release bile for aid in digestion.
It controls tendons and joints. The liver regulate Qi and Blood and its dysfunction affects other organs.
When Qi is too strong, it will damage digestion, and the energy rises to cause migraine.
When it is overtaxed, it affects the lung, and distorts the control of expression.
It causes tightness of chest and accumulation of phlegm.
The liver blood shortage causes irregular menstruation, weak nails, and eyesight.

The Spiritual Theme of Wood Element: Listen to your heart.

The opposite of anger is forgiveness.
To maintain the healthy wood it is important to have the ability for forgive yourself
and others for the actual or imaginary wrong doing.
When you listen to your heart’s calling, you are able to see the future.
To manifest it brings joy in your soul.

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