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22 How to Make an Oracle Reading 2

22 How to Make an Oracle Reading 2

Your reading begins from Fire Element, then in order of Water, Metal, Earth, Wood.

Fire Elements' 9 perfumes are created according to the personalities described in the study of Enneagram. You may find more information on this study ie.

Your client may or may not recognize himself as one, but it is often that the person has yet to realize his potential.

Simply move on to next element, describing their choice of perfume using "Five (existential and metaphorical) Questions"


It may also help to describe other not-chosen ones.
If they had chosen two perfumes from one element, one maybe their past tendency and the other more useful for the future.

When you reach Wood Element, you can now discuss the choice in totality.
Fire element is who you are, and other elements are tools that we use to manifest the true, best version of the self. Are choices of four elements lead to and connect back to Fire? Is there any weak link?
What, if any should be changed so that one sees the desired outcome?
You can add therapeutic value to the reading in these discussion.

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