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...Art of Perfumery and Divination.

- A creative process of perfume making can also be

an incredibly deep, heartfelt healing experience -

Use your Sense of Smell

as the Intuitive Guide

to find out 

Who You Are.

Access the Wisdom of Plants,

and Create a Perfume to you

Manifest Your Highest Potential

with Joy and Ease!

Aromancy is a 

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience...


The Aromancy Board houses

185 natural essential oils. These aromatic treasures from around the world are organized according to the concept of Yin-Yang /Five Elements, creating the universe that mirrors the universe of man.  

The School of Aromancy offers workshops for layperson and comprehensive programs for practitioners in Oriental Medicine concepts, Aromatherapy, Perfumery, and Consultation methods.

A certification and the title of official Aromancer is issued after successful completion of 300 hour program.

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Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic compounds of plant origin that are known to contain various degrees of chemical/medicinal properties. Aromancy is, however, not aromatherapy (French school style in particular) nor is a program to develop an aromatherapist. Essential oils are used only as “scents, or perfume” and used only at the safe level of dilution. Aromancy does not promote unsafe use of essential oils such as internal consumption.

The word “Medicine” or "Medicinal" in all articles of Aromancy publication has no association to “scientific” or “allopathic” medicine governed and practiced by qualified individuals. Aromancy does not claim to cure any medical condition, nor give any medical advice. Aromancy uses the word “medicine” or "medicinal" only in their original meaning, as the Art of Healing.