An comes from a broken family but I found her well adjusted and confident of herself. She told me in surprisingly good English that she ended her 5-year relationship awhile back, she started a new job, and she is seeking for happiness - which meant finding a partner who treats her well. Asked to elaborate, she answered that she has been the “mother figure” for her younger brother since young age, and also having to work outside the family, she would like for once being taken care of, or for once play the “weak” figure.


She disliked anything sweet, and didn’t find any floral scents attractive. She liked woody scents which gave her the sense of confidence.


She found herself in Wheat germ - a surprise for me because nobody ever chose it. For grounding she chose Siamwood which for a Vietnamese girl is plenty close enough to “home”, and as top note Rhododendron whose message is also about “home”. 


These three blended surprisingly well, but I was not convinced of completeness so I suggested to her perhaps Ravintsara (camphor) will be a nice addition but she refused saying it wasn’t necessary. I then had to agree with her.










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