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Create a medicinal perfume that brings out your highest potential.

Aromancy started out as my humble attempt to teach students the concept of Oriental Medicine in an interactive way by using randomly collected essential oils. I began with five colored paper,  gave myself a blind test to layout my oils according to their scent character. It immediately became clear that I landed on something rather unique because instead of listening to my explanation, they began asking me about what I can tell about their life's theme. That was almost six years ago. I made several revisions of the design, added many oils, developed different approaches with consultation, and wrote a book and made videos for learning programs to share my love of plant medicine. It has not been an easy path. I connect with plants and people with my heart, but to explain what it is, seem to require that I use my head. Many times I tried to quit, but then each time someone showed up and validated the work, and brought me back the joy. Today I come to believe that these plants are putting me to work for them instead of me using them for my gain. Well, I do gain a lot when I get to share my work and my plant teachers with you. You are also my teacher. Your intuition brings me to mysterium.  Aromancy, in short, is a Medicinal Perfumery, Spiritual Aromatherapy, or Satsang (talking truth) with Plant Teachers.

I hope that you meet them soon.

Bowen Wei,  Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and Aromancer.

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