A Story about Cassis

 A sweet mother of two sat with me one day and wanted to try Aromancy. I asked if she had any issues she needed to resolve with herself. She paused a little, and said that she is fulfilled in her life with her loving man, and her health is good. The only concern she had at the moment was with her children. Her young one was away for the first time in a college and she was afraid that he might get himself in trouble. If her son were sitting with me, there might have been something we could have worked together, but I said, from her perspective, there were nothing she could do but to hope and pray that he stay on the right path. If she would remain in a secure space, then she could send her love even from afar. We decided to build her home with the aromatic treasures. First was the base, and out of Water Element she chose Clary Sage. It was a perfect choice for someone at her age, supporting the changes to come in her later years. I felt there was no need to look into Earth and Wood Elements, as she had enough materially and she was comfortable in her position as a mother and a wife. We went to Metal Element next. She did not really need to guard herself from invasion, so something soft, and comforting were apparent choices. She chose Lavender - a gentle, cooling and high vibrational - one of the best gift of nature. A little bit of Cyprus to top off that gave the firmness she needed for the support. Her choice in Fire Element was a bit of surprise, but it worked magical in more than one way. Cassis is not a typical floral scent. Some even describe its aroma as cat pee. I was surprised that she chose it. But given that she already chose two floral scents with Clary Sage and Lavender, and with Cyprus, we were short on the base note. Cassis is heavier, has a feel of abundance, like a good mother. The final blend was just like a home in Provence.


最初はベースで、水要素からクラリーセージを選びました。クラリーゼージは女性ホルモンのサポートに役立つと言われているので、彼女の年代の人にとって完璧な選択です。彼女は物質的に十分満たされていて、母親と妻としての立場に快適だったので、私は土と木の要素は必要はないと感じました。次に金要素に行きました。彼女は侵入から身を守る必要がなかったので、優しい香りが明らかな選択肢でした。そこで彼女は自然の最高の贈り物の一つであるラベンダーを選びました。そこにサイプラスを少し追加しました。これは、家の柱の部分の役割です。火要素で の彼女の選択は少々驚きでした。なぜならカシスを選んだのです。カシスの精油はフルーティーともフローラルとも言えない香りで、猫のおしっこと表現する人もいます。