Gregoire from France

In Japan on one-year work holiday.

Gregoire had difficulty formulating his question or setting the theme of the session. What eventually came out was of the existential kind. The path he should take and the purpose in his life. He said he was lost in time and space. It is a first world problem but Buddha had exactly the same problem.

He mentioned his hypersensitivity to sound, his needs to be seen, meeting expectation, be loved and accepted. These are keywords that maybe the place to dig deep and find out the root of his issues, but I was not certain nor convinced of how to go about defining it.

I asked him to go make a random selection of oils from all elements.

He had a good range of olfactory capacity. Although he ended up not liking most of them, the way he picked from edges of the board where more unusual, or sharper scents are placed showed his willingness to explore. 

What he actually liked, were of more rounder, softer,  less edgy scents. 

After the first round of selection, I was not able to determine the direction where this session needed to go, and what the perfume should be like. If we were to mix all what he liked, it will be a jumbled mess. We needed to eliminate a few. 

We went back to his statement at the beginning, and tried to clarify his desire.

What does he want to offer the universe?

“Loving, Caring, Understanding… “

Then he said “Creation!”

Finally there was a focus, and we settled on 3 oils which symbolizes his goal. Although he is Occidental, the choice he made were all from the Orient.