In Japan for studying the language, As she is getting married this weekend, this is perhaps the time of new expectation and not for reflection. So when asked to state a question, she posed the biggest one of all, “who am I”, and when I asked what she was afraid of, said “disappointing people” (her family)

I decided to make family constellation with her.

Her choice: White Rose for her mother, Vetiver for her father, Honeysuckle for one of her sister, Plumeria for her husband to be, Melissa for herself, and Yuzu for who she wanted to be.

White Rose and Vetiver would make a good couple, and Honeysuckle as one of her sister was a fine choice. It was an interesting that she chose Plumeria for her husband to be, and no flower for herself.

With Rose and Vetiver, Melissa could compliment, acting as lightness, softness in the composition. Rose and Honeysuckle and Vetiver could possibly work together, but I imagined both Rose and Honeysuckle would be happier taking the central role, and with that mixture Melissa would have not made the significant change as it could not provide enough highlight, and Honeysuckle gave the sweetness already.


It was enough to discover that Melissa is better off pairing herself with Pulmeria and Yuzu, her future self to bring more light.   

I was concerned the composition will be too compact, too middle note and encouraged her to look for other components - something heavier or something lighter, as far out as she can tolerate, so that the total elements would be either four, to symbolize her new home, or five, to symbolize her new adventure. Additional elements could also provide the firmness/grip/stability or protection from unforeseen aggression from outside. But her choices revealed that she would not go out of her way to stretch. At that point the story became clear. There is no need to prepare for any unexpected hardships. She can go sail out into the new world as tender Melissa and the lightness of Yuzu will be enough to create the synergy with her new partner in life.











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