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34 Fire Element

34 Fire Element

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Fire Element's organs are Heart and Small Intestine, the deepest and most fragile organs in both the vital and the digestive system. Our heart decides what is good and what is bad, and joyful or not, in the spiritual sense, and the small intestine in the physical sense, separating nutrients and toxin.
The Oracle's 9 perfumes are modeled after the Enneagram of Personality.
A personality develops equally out of "who you are" and your emotional responses to each and every challenge you face. Perhaps the description of the chosen perfume does not much to what you know about yourself. You may have lived your life to date assuming a role that you were supposed to play. You may look for another one that is closer to your heart.
All flower is not created equal. Inside the Fire Element there are tendencies.
One, Justice, is Wood leaning.
Two, Giver is Water leaning
Three, Diva is Metal leaning
Four, Empress is Fire leaning
Five, Sorcerer is Wood leaning
Six, Rosary is Water leaning
Seven, Dynamo is Earth leaning
Eight, Joker is Metal leaning
Nine, Maiden is Earth leaning

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The theme of Fire Element is love. Every part of Rose knows her flower. But do you? without a doubt? The question is "Who Are You?" The Fire's emotion is joy, but when love is not found, you are unable to distinguish good and evil. 

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