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08 Five Elements in Human Body

08 Five Elements in Human Body

Human body is also made up of Water, Metal, Earth, Wood, and Fire Elements' circulating energy called Meridians. Within each elements there are opposing directional energy. Inward energy is called Yin, as opposed to outward energy is called Yang.

The quality of energy flow give rise to emotions.

Each elements' energy are concentrated and developed to become organs.

Kidney, Lung, Spleen, Liver, and Heart are Yin organs.
Bladder, Large Intestine, Stomach, Gallbladder, and Small Intestine are Yang organs.
The health of these organs are strongly influenced by emotions.
From the time of conception to birth and adulthood, there are different Elements involved during stages of human development.

The Water element, which creates kidneys and skeletal system comes first. This element is strongly influenced by the condition that the mother is in during the pregnancy. Hereditary diseases are considered the Water element issue.

The Metal element, which creates lungs and skin comes in second immediately after the birth. A baby is vulnerable in the new environment and must be protected and cared for, but the competition for the available resources (money, love etc) may be a severe challenge.

Since these two elements are developed at an early stage of life, actions they take are relatively      passive. For example, one does not have a choice in the matter of parents’ socioeconomic state or the condition of the environment. One must accept whatever the situation they are born into and make the best of it.

The Earth element and the Wood element which controls digestive systems as well as muscles and sinews follow. They are responsible for learning the skills to earn the income and creating a place in the society. Their challenges occur during infancy to adulthood when a certain level of performance is expected. One must change the things that they can in order to succeed.

The Fire element is our heart and soul, and it is timeless without boundary. When you meet a child prodigy you must at least wonder if they have lived a lifetime before, and a great man can live in the hearts of others for a thousand years. The heart can change, though, so therefore you must be mindful of right and wrong.

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