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Perfume Oracle Study Guide

“Who am I?”
This is the eternal question that every man asks, and the short answer to it is “love”.
But “love” is sometimes tricky, and must be uncovered to experience it.
Those who can not love himself can not love others either, and shows distorted way of receiving love.
On the other hand, a narcissist pretends to give love but in fact tries to take more than his share of love there is.
Life has mountains and valleys. There are times when everything is fine and you love yourself, and there are times when you feel stuck.
Why were we born where we were?
How did we become who we were?
What is the ultimate purpose of life?
If we are here on earth as a human being strictly by chance, then what triggers each of us to behave so differently when upon the same stimulation was applied?
One way to answer these question is, that we knew subconsciously who we wanted to be before we were born as a baby, and the purpose of life is to remember and to manifest our original true self in the material/three dimensional realm using a set of tools given to us.
A set of tools that we speak of here, can be described with the language of Yin and Yang, and Five Elements. With this language we can speak about the nature of the Universe. Humans, plants, animals, and even minerals are all integral part of One.
We are just a speck of dust in this big Universe, but in this tine speck contains all of its original creation.
Sufi poet Rumi said, “You are not a drop in the ocean, but the whole ocean in a drop”
A Hopi elder said “Life is a great mystery, and we know nothing. So the only thing we can do is to work for the beauty.” “If not you, then who?, and if not now, then when?”
We need to walk our talk

01 All begins with love.

What if, a scent can help you with manifesting your highest potential,                                                                                           and to live your life in joy, peace and love?
Aromancy is a journey to find out who you are.  The destination is the Universe of Aromatics, guided by your sense of smell and intuition. It is a process work of creating medicinal perfume by borrowing the wisdom of plants, to change what you can, even if you can not change others.

Feel sexy, attractive, and confident! Every year the perfume industry spends millions trying to sell you the promise with their products. No disrespect to professionals who are behind in formulation of scents, setting the trend, and creating the image, but even the best perfume can not mask your insecurities if you do not love yourself.

Do you want to be the best version of yourself? Are you willing to dive deep into self examination, and to find out wherein lies your excesses and shortcomings? Are you open to asking for help to be more aware, more in tuned, and more in love with life?

The best teacher for this task is found literally under your nose.

Your olfactory sense connects directly to the brain’s limbic system where memories are stored and emotions are processed. Experiences are not only of your own, but of the entire Universe.

Plants’ survival wisdom are then directly passed onto us through the olfactory channel to the part of brain that controls our emotion, memory, and instinct. The information in the form of scent travels almost in instant that there is no time for our rational mind to negate the emotion that arises. This means when you like a scent, then your subconscious knows it is good for you. On the other hand, when you dislike a scent, then you would certainly like to avoid it.

The preference to a specific scent is by no means universal. It is dictated by what we are accustomed to in terms of geography, climate, cultural affinity, and personal and inter-personal experiences within the family and the society one belongs. The challenge we face in order to manifest who we truly are, is the gap between what we became due to these influences, especially when we are still in infant stage because we have not built strong defence mechanisms or skills to survive outside of the given boundary.

The intention of Aromancy Perfume Oracle is, first, to use plants’ scents to help you find, or more clearly define yourself. Second, to use them to help you manifest your highest potential, whatever it may be.
This is by no means to say that scents can make you rich and famous, or they will cure a disease. Those are of physical, material realm which require a different set of tools to accomplish. However, in the realm of immeasurable, such as love, joy, happiness etc., a realisation can happen in an instance. It is only that you need to repeat this realisation often enough to sink in to your being. This is the reason to recommend using scents for the purpose of meditation.

02 Perfume as Spiritual Medicine

The limbic system surrounds the outside of the basal ganglia, which consists of the caudate nucleus and putamen, which are deep in the cerebrum. It is a general term for multiple structures involved in emotional expression, motivation, memory and autonomic nervous activity in the human brain. The hippocampus and amygdala each play a major role in memory formation and emotional expression.

03 Sense of Smell

The Way of Yin and Yang
The secret to enjoy life.
Stay natural.
Hated by who you love,
and loved by who you hate.
There are those who attack,                             
and those who defend.
Angered even when you do your best,
but complimented for which                                   
you did nothing.
At times it's better to take a detour
than to go straight ahead.
Change is the only thing constant.
Joy arrives after sadness.
Life is about not fearing death.

The concept of yin and yang is the originate in Taoism.  We, the organism, naturally try to maintain equilibrium - the balance between Yin and Yang in every layer of our being. For example: A person who catches cold (Yin) will raise (Yang) the body temperature. The heat (Yang) will cause thirst (dryness - Yang). Water (moisture -Yin) helps to quench the thirst. (Cooling -Yin)
The Oriental Medicine stress importance on prevention - to assist what the body does naturally. The focus is not so much on removing the symptoms, but to ease the flow so that the body’s own immune system can remove undesirable elements, by using energy work and herbs.
In essence Spiritual Medicine is no different. The purpose in life is to live in joy, which is our birthright.
If we divide the problems and worries that each of us have into yin and yang, we can say, “Things I cannot change,” and “Things only I can change."  Things you cannot change is the actions of others. Things only you can change is acceptance of others and let go of blame, and instead focus on self determination.

04 Yin and Yang

The first instinct of "One"which is also called "Tao", or "God",  or                                                                                                                                 whatever-nameless-but-almighty-force is to split into two. Otherwise it is impossible for the One to know that It is. Two as in Yin and Yang, therefore one and the opposite of the same.Three, then it is the manifes-                                                                                                                       tation of creative energy to identifiable form.
As Water can be in three forms or density, ice, water, and vapour, so can                                                                                                           we speak of ourself in physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.
We can also speak of passive-plant self, active-animal self, and divine self.

Serenity Prayer, written by Reinhold Niebuhr, used as the opening prayer at Alcoholic Anonymous meeting speaks of the triune so concisely.

"God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,       (plant self)
Courage to change the things I can,        (animal self)
And wisdom to know the difference.        (divine self)

05 Triune

Four Directions, which Native Americans use in their prayers, is the 1st multiplication of Yin and Yang.
From One appears polarity - which create measurable distance created "Time". This is the two dimensional realm (X axis). Yin would become Yin-Yin, and Yin-Yang, and Yang would become Yang-Yin and Yang-Yang.
These four position create the three dimensional realm called “Space"
We are able to understand the cyclical nature of the Universe easily with this four divisions.
We have four directions, East, South, West, North.
We have four seasons - Spring = Yang-Yin, Summer = Yang-Yang, Autumn = Yin-Yang, Winter = Yin-Yin
In us these are manifested as Mental body, Physical body, Emotional body, and Spiritual body living through Child = Spring, Youth =. Summer, Adult = Autumn, and Elder = Winter time.

06 Four Directions

The easiest way to explain about Five Elements is by using the spinning Tap's movement. Five Elements are in fact five directional energy movement.
Living state of tap is when it is spinning.
In order for it to spin, first the bottom tip must be in contact with the ground. This downward energy we call it Water Element.
As the roots reach down ever deeper to reach for water and nutrient, there is the opposite energy upward energy toward the sky. The upward energy we call it Metal Element.
These two energies form the axis which is necessary for spinning.
There are two opposing energy in spinning, centripetal and centrifugal energies.
Centripetal is the energy to bring inside from outside. We call it Earth Element.
Centrifugal is the energy to bring out from inside. We call it Wood Element.
The Fifth Element, Fire is the central point where all other directional energies originate.
Yin-Yang Relationship among Elements.
Water and Metal Elements are positionally below and above, or earth and sky. Therefore Water is Yin as opposed to Metal is Yang.
Earth and Wood Elements' energy direction are inward and outward. Therefore Earth is Yin as opposed to Wood is Yang.
Water and Metal Element which form the axis is relatively still compared to more active Earth and Wood Elements. Therefore Water/Metal is Yin as opposed Earth/Wood is Yang.
Fire Element is positioned in the middle therefore it is innermost Yin, but Fire's energy radiates out, thus also extreme Yang.

07 Five Elements Energetics

Human body is also made up of Water, Metal, Earth, Wood, and Fire Elements' circulating energy called Meridians. Within each elements there are opposing directional energy. Inward energy is called Yin, as opposed to outward energy is called Yang.

The quality of energy flow give rise to emotions.

Each elements' energy are concentrated and developed to become organs.

Kidney, Lung, Spleen, Liver, and Heart are Yin organs.
Bladder, Large Intestine, Stomach, Gallbladder, and Small Intestine are Yang organs.
The health of these organs are strongly influenced by emotions.
From the time of conception to birth and     adulthood, there are different Elements involved during stages of human development.

The Water element, which creates kidneys and skeletal system comes first. This element is strongly influenced by the condition that the mother is in during the pregnancy. Hereditary diseases are considered the Water element issue.

The Metal element, which creates lungs and skin comes in second immediately after the birth. A baby is vulnerable in the new environment and must be protected and cared for, but the competition for the available resources (money, love etc) may be a severe challenge.

Since these two elements are developed at an early stage of life, actions they take are relatively  	   passive. For example, one does not have a choice in the matter of parents’ socioeconomic state or the condition of the environment. One must accept whatever the situation they are born into and make the best of it.

The Earth element and the Wood element which controls digestive systems as well as  muscles and sinews follow. They are responsible for learning the skills to earn   the income and creating a place in the 		      society. Their challenges occur during infancy to adulthood when a certain level of performance is expected. One must change the things that they can in order to succeed.

The Fire element is our heart and soul, and it is timeless without boundary. When you meet a child prodigy you must at least wonder if they have lived a lifetime before, and a great man can live in the hearts of others for a thousand years. The heart can change, though, so therefore you must be mindful of right and wrong.

08 Five Elements in Human Body

Each of Five Element has its own emotions.
They are: Water Element = Fear
Metal Element = Sadness
Earth Element = Worry
Wood Element = Anger
Fire Element = Joy

All other emotions are secondary or compounded emotions.
The pandemic gave us a rare opportunity for people of the world simultaneously to have the same emotional experience.

When you remember a few years ago at the onset, hearing that a mysterious and deadly virus was spreading across the planet, the whole world froze in shock, and at the same time panicked in fear of death.
As it was an airborne pathogen, we could not run nor hide for long. There was a general sense of helplessness, and we felt a profound sadness, recognising that the world was no longer a safe place.
Then the anxiety set in. Some of us in the service industry, for example, were worried that without movement of people, we would lose our jobs and means to feed ourselves.

During the lockdown we simply could not do our normal activities, such as visiting family, going to restaurants, and attending events. Moreover, the frustration of not being able to be of service caused anger, which caused resignation in many.
In the “new normal”, opinions became polarised and it was difficult to distinguish right and wrong. We all realised that the simple joy of living had been taken away.

09 Five Element Emotions

Some believe man is created in the likes of God himself. Then it follows that we are perfect just as we are. However the reality is different. The reality is that there is not enough space on this planet for all of us to realise our infinite possibilities.

Personality of man, as well as all animals, plants, and minerals alike, are the resulting manifestation of internal pressure against external pressure.

Let us define ourselves as a perfect circle. “External pressure” causes this circle to cave. Our natural response is to push back with mental effort. This “internal pressure” is necessary
to maintain our original circle. This is not as easy or simple. When you dent an automobile, to bring the metal back to its original shape is nearly impossible. The mechanic would always use a patty to fill the negative space. This patty in man is the emotional imprint of the past from which his personality is built on.

Diagnosing one’s personality according to Five Elements allows us to better understand the strength and weakness, or excesses and deficiencies (Yin and Yang). It also allows us to determine and focus on primary and secondary (underlying) issues during the formulation process.

What is your heart calling? The heart belongs in the Fire Element.
Fire is so important that there are two. The eternal/etherial Fire existed within long
before you were born in the physical realm, and the physical/material Fire that wants to manifest the best version of self.

In order to manifest the best version of self, we are given the body which are made of four other elements;
Water, Metal, Earth and Wood. Each has different set of roles and functions, and different developmental stages.

Our personalities, to put it simply, is our habitual response (outward pressure) against challenges that are forced upon us (inward pressure). It is entirely natural as we are living within a limited available space. Our initial responses to forces (stress) are manifested in ethereal as emotions and repetitive responses may manifest either positively or negatively in the physical realm.

There are countless personalities as we are all individuals with different histories. Enneagram is a school of thoughts that defined personalities into 9 basic types.

As we are social animals, these personalities are developed into and best suited to function as a certain role. Each personality has its strength and weakness, and positive attributes and negative attributes.
Plants’ personalities are also made much the same way, and their wisdom have made them to survive and prosper. We owe our life to them. They allow us to be clothed, fed, and housed. Much of our medicines originate from them.

Many of them produce aromatic compounds to protect themselves against enemies and also invite friends to prosper. We created aromatherapy and perfumery from their essences.

10 Personality

Who you are today is a composite of all your experiences of the past. Knowing where you are in the present time allows you to forecast the future.

This diagram shows you the timeline of your developmental stage. The fibonacci curve is the sacred geometry, the expansion of energy in the Universe.

At the zero point is your consciousness, or god-self. It existed from the beginning of the Universe.
Many cycles of your ancestors later, comes your grandparents' time (in pink).

Then comes your parents' time (in pink/red). At some point you are conceived and birthed.
From this point. the we have four 7 year cycles.

The first 7 years belongs to Water Element. The next, Metal Element, then Earth Element, and after, Wood Element.

In reality, Water Element begins at the conception, Metal at birth, shortly after, Earth, and Wood energy begins to develop at around 2-3 years of age when your ego is born. But in these timeframes each Element has the biggest challenges that form your personality.

Most of us are lucky enough to live for more than 28 years (Saturn's one cycle around the Sun), and we have our chance to correct in the next go-around what we could not do well in the first four stages

11 Personality Development Stages

You can tell a person's element type by just looking.

Water type person has round body and also mild demeanour.

Metal type person has thin body and tends to be nervous.

Earth type person has well built body and cheerful.

Wood type person has square body and forceful.

Fire type person has angular body and temperamental.

Who we meet and relate, in love or for money, there is no coincidence.

They are there to teach you and help you to be whole.

12 Five Element Typecasting

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