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09 Five Element Emotions

09 Five Element Emotions

Each of Five Element has its own emotions.
They are: Water Element = Fear
Metal Element = Sadness
Earth Element = Worry
Wood Element = Anger
Fire Element = Joy

All other emotions are secondary or compounded emotions.
The pandemic gave us a rare opportunity for people of the world simultaneously to have the same emotional experience.

When you remember a few years ago at the onset, hearing that a mysterious and deadly virus was spreading across the planet, the whole world froze in shock, and at the same time panicked in fear of death.
As it was an airborne pathogen, we could not run nor hide for long. There was a general sense of helplessness, and we felt a profound sadness, recognising that the world was no longer a safe place.
Then the anxiety set in. Some of us in the service industry, for example, were worried that without movement of people, we would lose our jobs and means to feed ourselves.

During the lockdown we simply could not do our normal activities, such as visiting family, going to restaurants, and attending events. Moreover, the frustration of not being able to be of service caused anger, which caused resignation in many.
In the “new normal”, opinions became polarised and it was difficult to distinguish right and wrong. We all realised that the simple joy of living had been taken away.

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