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10 Personality

10 Personality

Some believe man is created in the likes of God himself. Then it follows that we are perfect just as we are. However the reality is different. The reality is that there is not enough space on this planet for all of us to realise our infinite possibilities.

Personality of man, as well as all animals, plants, and minerals alike, are the resulting manifestation of internal pressure against external pressure.

Let us define ourselves as a perfect circle. “External pressure” causes this circle to cave. Our natural response is to push back with mental effort. This “internal pressure” is necessary
to maintain our original circle. This is not as easy or simple. When you dent an automobile, to bring the metal back to its original shape is nearly impossible. The mechanic would always use a patty to fill the negative space. This patty in man is the emotional imprint of the past from which his personality is built on.

Diagnosing one’s personality according to Five Elements allows us to better understand the strength and weakness, or excesses and deficiencies (Yin and Yang). It also allows us to determine and focus on primary and secondary (underlying) issues during the formulation process.

What is your heart calling? The heart belongs in the Fire Element.
Fire is so important that there are two. The eternal/etherial Fire existed within long
before you were born in the physical realm, and the physical/material Fire that wants to manifest the best version of self.

In order to manifest the best version of self, we are given the body which are made of four other elements;
Water, Metal, Earth and Wood. Each has different set of roles and functions, and different developmental stages.

Our personalities, to put it simply, is our habitual response (outward pressure) against challenges that are forced upon us (inward pressure). It is entirely natural as we are living within a limited available space. Our initial responses to forces (stress) are manifested in ethereal as emotions and repetitive responses may manifest either positively or negatively in the physical realm.

There are countless personalities as we are all individuals with different histories. Enneagram is a school of thoughts that defined personalities into 9 basic types.

As we are social animals, these personalities are developed into and best suited to function as a certain role. Each personality has its strength and weakness, and positive attributes and negative attributes.
Plants’ personalities are also made much the same way, and their wisdom have made them to survive and prosper. We owe our life to them. They allow us to be clothed, fed, and housed. Much of our medicines originate from them.

Many of them produce aromatic compounds to protect themselves against enemies and also invite friends to prosper. We created aromatherapy and perfumery from their essences.

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