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11 Personality Development Stages

11 Personality Development Stages

Who you are today is a composite of all your experiences of the past. Knowing where you are in the present time allows you to forecast the future.

This diagram shows you the timeline of your developmental stage. The fibonacci curve is the sacred geometry, the expansion of energy in the Universe.

At the zero point is your consciousness, or god-self. It existed from the beginning of the Universe.
Many cycles of your ancestors later, comes your grandparents' time (in pink).

Then comes your parents' time (in pink/red). At some point you are conceived and birthed.
From this point. the we have four 7 year cycles.

The first 7 years belongs to Water Element. The next, Metal Element, then Earth Element, and after, Wood Element.

In reality, Water Element begins at the conception, Metal at birth, shortly after, Earth, and Wood energy begins to develop at around 2-3 years of age when your ego is born. But in these timeframes each Element has the biggest challenges that form your personality.

Most of us are lucky enough to live for more than 28 years (Saturn's one cycle around the Sun), and we have our chance to correct in the next go-around what we could not do well in the first four stages

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