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22 How to Make an Oracle Reading 2

22 How to Make an Oracle Reading 2

We begin with the element of fire, then work our way up through water, metal, earth, and wood.

The nine Fire Elements perfumes are based on the personality traits described in Enneagram studies. You can find more information about this study.

Your client may or may not identify himself as such, but in many cases he is still aware of his potential. not.

Move on to the next element and explain your perfume choice using “5 (existential and metaphorical) questions”.


It might also be helpful to explain what else was not selected.
If they chose two perfumes out of his one element, one was a trend in the past and the other might be more useful in the future.

Once we get to the tree element, we can discuss the choices holistically.

The Fire element is who you are, and the other elements are the tools you use to express your true, highest self.

Does the choice of the four elements lead to fire and lead to fire? Are there weak links?

What should I change, if any, to get the desired result?

You can add therapeutic value to reading these discussions.

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