A Story with Orange

 It is not often that oils in Earth Element get to be the medicine. But there was one time a young man approached me who needed it. He was a student of acupuncture, came from a part of the world where people are struggling to survive. Full of idealism and desire to help those underprivileged. I observed that he was rather pensive. He did not immediately pose a question or offered a theme. So I asked, simply, “are you happy?”. He answered, “I’m not sure if I am supposed to be happy, when there are so many people suffering, especially where I come from.” Empathy is a beautiful quality a man can have. But if you were not happy, or if you don’t know how to be happy despite the challenges of life, then how can you offer anybody the same? I have him explore some oils from Fire Element to see what his heart says.

He came upon Linden and immediately became contemplative. Something triggered him that tapped his deeper memory. He did not identify it by its name, so I explained that Linden was a tree that bear green flowers, and in Eastern Europe they were often planted in the town centre where people gathered. The tree had a significant importance, so much that a currency was named after it. It was obvious that the scent of Linden brought him closer to home. The session continued. The theme became clearer, For him it was about not losing the connection to his home, and bring his energy to offer happiness. It was important for him to remain in light and optimistic, so I suggested to explore Earth Element, in particular citruses. 

From all citrus oils, he chose Orange as it has the most mature sweet scent. That was his medicine.