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Tao of Aromancy

Taoist View of Life.

Aromancy’s is based on Taoist concepts of Yin and Yang, and Five Elements. One can explain all the Universe’s creation with these concepts, including our lives. All manifestation, from macro to micro, “lives” by spinning. Explain this phenomena with a Tap, you recognise that there are five distinct energies at work. These can be spoken as directions or vibrational frequencies. In axis, there are energies that reaches to heaven and to the earth. To spin, there are centripetal and centrifugal energies at work. And at the centre there is consciousness to disperse and distribute these energies. This consciousness is indeed life and love. 


Five Stages

Man’s growth stages are comprised of water, Metal, Earth, Wood, and Fire Elements. In each stages we face unique challenges and the success in life depends on how you face them. Accumulated experiences are imprinted and appear as personalities. As the saying goes, Man is a creature of habit, it is not easy to alter personality but it is not impossible. First we must recognise our trait and try to alter it. The important is not to judge. Accept the things that does not or can not change, and change what can be changed with earnest, and know the difference of these. As you may see the beauty in crooked tree by the sea cliff, find love not despite but because of challenges.


Yin and Yang, the polarity.

Yin and Yang is the foundation of the teaching of Tao, describing energetic opposition i.e. male-female, stillness-activeness, passive-aggressive. When we speak of life’s challenges into such, then there are “things you can not change”, and there are “things only you can change”.  Things you can not change is due to someone else’s action or free will. It sounds reasonable but many are wasting life because of this fact. It is because “others” are often parents, siblings and people near and dear. Our birth right is to live. It is only to accept and honour this right for everyone even if injustice have been made by them. At the same time, you can not blame others for things only you can change.

The cause of challenges of Water and Metal Elements are mostly from outside, and Earth and Wood Elements are mostly from within. Fire Element is about consciousness, or “Who am I” 


Sense of Smell within Five Senses

Among our sensory system, the sense of smell has the direct connection to the limbic system of the brain where memory, intuition, and emotional activity is regulated. Scents can wake up the forgotten memory and allows us to meet the self beyond time and space. Aromancy is a process work which considers our intuition is the best doctor. In expressing the quality of scents, we often use words of taste like sweet, and salty, but in the perfumery language we use words of music like notes and harmony and say we listen to the scents. Perhaps because these senses are developed later thus culture of language had time to develop.


The Role of Scents

Humanity has used plants not only for food, clothing, and housing, but discovered survival wisdom of plants through observation. There are over 500 plants used as herbal medicine in Orient, and many have aromatic compounds. There are two reasons both plants and animals excrete scents. One is for attraction - to procreate and prosper. The other is for repelling - to protect and disguise. One is perfume, the other is deodorant. Humans also found the use in religious practice, to commune with divine. 


Water Element   

Beginning of life.  Foundation. 

Time of Imprint: Pre-birth to around 2 years old

We came to this place as a seed having received DNA from parents. The birth place, the family structure, financial, social standing of parents at the time of birth can not be changed. Like water does not choose a container, our mission is to accept this life as a gift of God, and do our best to prosper regardless of the given environment.


The Emotional Aspect of Water Element:

The theme of Water Element is survival. The most primitive emotion of “Fear” is at work here. Fear can be used both positively and negatively. Anxiety, loneliness, poverty consciousness, isolation, depression, jealousy are developed out of fear.


The Physical Aspect of Water Element:

Kidney and Bladder. Regulation of water and reproductive function. Reduced function of Water leads to weakness in lower body, bone structure, hardness of hearing and hair loss. The energy of Water Element is finite, so it is important to conserve and avoid useless waste.


The Spiritual Theme of Water Element:

Forgiveness and Acceptance

Only a lucky few live life without problems. Even a seed grown in fertile soil can wilt. Too much fertiliser can burn the root, or too much water will rot. The best of land will be useless without sun light. On top of it, you can not avoid ageing. A wise accepts and do not stress. As Water Element being the most primitive part of us, it is often out of our consciousness as adults. However here is the starting point and where the personality traits are formed. Taking a moment to reflect can lead you see your future.


Your Question: 

How are you?

Question:   If you describe yourself as a plant, what kind of soil did you grow up in?

Metal Element   

Birth of Ego. 

Time of Imprint: from birth to 5-6 years old.

A sprouting seed begins seeking light to grow. Here is the battle for the available space. The element of air is giving oxygen, yet there are also lots of toxins. How do you protect yourself against the enemy, that is the challenge. As Plants receives CO2 that we exhale, and gives us oxygen, this giving and receiving is fundamental to life. However everyone is on survival mode, and only busy taking energy from others. 


The Emotional Aspect of Metal Element:

The theme is giving and receiving. Unfulfilled expectation leads to feeling of “sadness”. Problems are most often rooted in actions and attack by parents, relatives, siblings and other people near and dear. When you are not receiving a proper space to express, you develop hindrance in speaking ability.


The Physical Aspect of Metal Element:

Lung, Large Intestine. Metabolic function. Importance of elimination especially breathing out. Otherwise develops respiratory and skin issues.


The Spiritual Theme of Metal Element:

Let go and move on

Your developmental stages’ response to experiences are imprint that stays for a long time. You will find aggressive type, passive ones, or instigative ones and so on. In actual life, Water and Metal elements’ “handicaps” are compensated by actions of Earth and Wood elements, thus people often forget. However if you revisit these period to resolve issues, meaning “let go and move on”, then you will do the karma cleansing not only for yourself becomes a gift for the next generation.


Your Question: 

How are you?

How have you responded when unwanted and unreasonable attack was aimed at you?


Earth Element

As a member of the society. Earning your keep.

Imprint period: Infant to puberty, youth.

Our life basically has not changed from the time of hunter-gatherer period, meaning we fight as a pack to earn the daily nourishment. It is the world of the survival of fittest. Earth Element is the place where the wisdom of animal self develops. You must play the role given within the group, however it is not always what makes sense to you.


The Emotional Aspect of Earth Element:

Our stomach is called the second brain, and it is very sensitive to stress. The emotion of the Earth Element is “pensiveness, or worry”. What you have to eat maybe poisonous. Earning a new skill may end up not worth the effort. Interested someone may consider me unsuited… Overthinking leads to indecision, and stagnation. Calm yourself down, be at ease, at the same time holding some tension is the key.


The Physical Aspect of Earth Element:

Spleen, Stomach. Break down what you eat and ready for absorption. What to eat, what to learn, with whom to be romantically involved, what occupation to take.. all has to do with bringing outside energy in. The Earth Element controls muscles, The power of muscle is in contraction, but if you don’t relax, it will not return. It brings fatigue, loss of appetite, indigestion, obesity, sugar dependency.


The Spiritual Theme of Earth Element:

Don’t worry, be happy.

As long as you live within a community, you must work together with others. Sometimes it brings more than necessary stress. The Earth Element’s theme is to accept the challenge with patience to “break down and absorb”. We often face having to make a difficult decisions. The key is to find a point of agreement even if it’s not acceptable.


Your Question: 

What are you afraid of?

How have you responded when you are expected more than your capacity, or given a task that is not to your liking?

Wood Element

Self manifestation.

Imprint: from puberty to adult

The Wood Element’s theme is self manifestation. Heaven (Metal), Earth (Water), Plants and Animals as food (Earth) energies are transformed to Qi and Blood and we become a grown man, which is to be a creator. The Wood Element is about growth, strength, and Flexibility.


The Emotional Aspect of Wood Element:

The Wood as the source of creation needs freedom. Freedom is not to receive but to win, but you are not always able to do how you please. The society for the good of commonality creates arbitrary restriction. Even your close contacts restrict you due to the available space. Also you may self regulate because of too big of a goal, or out of laziness. These restriction manifest as “ anger and irritation”, and it can cause depression when the balance is lost.


The Physical Aspect of Wood Element: 

Liver, Gallbladder. The liver’s function are digestion, metabolism, immunity, and storing of energy, and the gallbladder store and release bile for aid in digestion. It controls tendons and joints. The liver regulate Qi and Blood and its dysfunction affects other organs. When Qi is too strong, it will damage digestion, and the energy rises to cause migraine. When it is overtaxed, it affects the lung, and distorts the control of expression. It causes tightness of chest and accumulation of phlegm. The liver blood shortage causes irregular menstruation, weak nails, and eyesight. 


The Spiritual Theme of Wood Element:

Listen to your heart.

The opposite of anger is forgiveness. To maintain the healthy wood it is important to have the ability for forgive yourself and others for the actual or imaginary wrong doing. When you listen to your heart’s calling, you are able to see the future. To manifest it brings joy in your soul.


Your Question: 

What do you want?

You found yourself in front of formidable wall on your chosen path. How do you respond?


Fire Element

Eternal self.

Imprint: timeless

The reason we are born into this world is to remember the true self, and to recreate formless fire into tangible using the tool that is Water, Metal, Earth, and Wood Element. Fire is our heart, soul, spirit, and purest self. The flower that attracts others by expression of joy of living.


The Emotional Aspect of Fire Element:

The emotion of Fire is “joy”.

It is a positive emotion, but excess can turns to aggression, impatience, impulsive actions. Lack of Fire energy maybe linked to negative emotions such as vanity, jealousy, frustration, regret, sadness, and disconnection. Small Intestine - the pair organ of heart has the role of distinguishing good and evil. Dysfunction in this aspect shows up in unethical acts. It is known that many sexual aggressors were also victims of sexual abuse. Receiving what supposed to be the expression of joy from the wrong person, and in turn do it to others. Unfulfilled heart becomes the slave if emotion.


The Physical Aspect of Fire Element:

The Fire Element controls flow of blood, bodily fluid, and temperature. Fire is the source of life, but too much fire causes inflammation, and too little causes chills and numbness. indigestion, diarrhoea, cough, stuffy nose. When the filtering action of Small Intestine is impaired, it will cause food allergy.


The Spiritual Theme of Fire Element:

Listen to your heart.

The answer to the Fire Element’s theme, Who am I? is simply Love. Love is natural. The seed, leaves, roots of plant knows its flower. No Orange flowers on Apple trees. Flowers give honey to bees and in turn able to make seeds. The same with the human world. Give love and share the joy.


Your question: 

What do you want? What kind of love do you long for? How do you express your love?

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