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13 Structure - 壮香

Earth of Water Element - Yang of Yin/Yin Element - Plant Self
Period of personality imprint - During gestation to birth and up to seven years old.

Five Questions (Existential) - How Are You?
Five Questions (Metaphorical) - If you describe your upbringing as a plant, what kind of soil have you grown up in?

A. Over fertilized. Too much expectation that was actually burdensome
"Therefore I need my own structure to grow tall."

Possible current condition - Not in balance with strength and flexibility

Basic fear - Mediocracy, Boredom
Basic inward desire - To became authoritative
Basic outward desire - To appear successful
Positive personality characteristic - Encouraging others
Negative personality characteristic - Become complacent

Intention of the perfume - I will build a firm structure so I can stand strong.

Chief = Himalaya Cedar - Cedrus deodara - Pinaceae
Chief = Hiba - Thujopsis dolabrata - Cupressaceae
Minister = Juniper Berry - Juniperus communis - Cupressacae
Minister = Birch - Betula lenta - Betulaceae
Assistant = Spruce - Picea mariana - Pinaceae
Assistant = Kunzea - Kunzea ambigua - Myrtaceae
Messenger = Ho Leaf - Cinnamomum camphora - Lauraceae

This formula consists of trees from various climactic zones.

Hiba and Himalayan Cedar are the chief. The essential oil of heartwood gives tenacity at the same time uplifting feeling.

Spruce is the minister. Needle leaves of the evergreen contain high volume of terpene to keep them from freezing during snowy winter. The tree persevere long cold month knowing that they are ready to receive the energy of the sun when the spring arrives.

Kunzea is the second minister. This Australian bush has been known to resist rot. It gives us the strength not to let ourselves down against adversities.

Birch is the assistant. The birch contains acetylsalicylic acid, the ingredient for aspirin. It helps us to be open and fluid, and resist pain.

Juniper Berry is the second assistant. On the physical level it acts as diuretic, and on emotional level it can support you in letting go of suffering.

Ho Leaf is the messenger. The leaf of Cinnamon tree gives the energy of pride, perhaps even being a bit aloof. This sentiment is necessary for the work of realizing the best version of self.

A few word about the formula

Water Element’s organ Kidney energy is responsible for building our skeleton and creating the marrow inside bones. Any hereditary disease are also said to be deficiency of the Yin of the Kidney. The Yang of Kidney is responsible to carry the earth energy up to nourish the body.

A person may have received healthy body but not necessary support during early formative years to build a sound structure. It is also possible that one receives too much love in a wrong manner (for example material support but not emotional) or too much expectation which robs a breathing space.

A person with the deficiency tend to show lack of patience or give up prematurely. It is also possible that one is unable to solicit necessary support in adult life.

The fear of being inadequate turns to envy for others and the life will become constant uphill battle. You can learn from plants that grow in mountains at high altitude. They grow slowly but surly even if the ground is steep.

13 Structure - 壮香
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