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16 Release - 流香

Metal of Metal Element - Yin of Yang/Yin Element - Plant Self
Period of personality imprint - From the birth to 14 years, particularly during kindergarten to primary school.

Five Questions (Existential) - How Do You Feel?
Five Question (Metaphorical) - Every climate has its own challenges. What is your hardship?

A. Desert dry. Had to fend myself against cynicism
Therefore I need to let go and flow.

Possible current condition - Memory of hurt inhibiting to give freely.

Basic fear - Receiving aggression.
Basic inward desire - Ease
Basic outward desire - Accepting others as they are.
Positive personality characteristic - Being able to let go and move on
Negative personality characteristic - Unable to let go and hurt themselves.

Intention of the perfume - I will let go of hurt and move on to love.

Chief = Cistus - Cistus ladaniferus - Cistaceae
Minister = Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia - Lamiaceae
Minister = Sandalwood - Santalum album - Santalaceae
Assistant = Opopanax - Commiphora guidotti - Burseraceae
Messenger = Labrador tea - Rhododendron grenlandicum - Ericaceae
Messenger = Neroli - Citrus aurantium - Rutaceae
Messenger = Linden - Tilia argentea - Tiliaceae

Cistus is the chief. This plant thrives on dry soil and salty air of Mediterranean coast. It is said to aid in healthy lymph flow.

Lavender is the minister. It is perhaps the coldest of all oils. Lavender helps you to stay cool against aggressive and persistent attack.

Sandalwood is the second minister. The precious Sandalwood is like a reservoir of fresh water. It has the ability to anchor and enhance other materials without losing its own presence.

Opopanax is the assistant. Opopanax, the Sweet Myrrh also has the watery quality. More healing and a bit more anchoring element of this formula.

Labrador Tea, Neroli, Linden are the messenger. All three are included in this formula to give at-home feeling. Labrador Tea was given to the new arriving people from the old continent as substitute for the tea.
Neroli gives fresh expectation of spring time. Linden is the tree often planted around the waterholes in European villages.

A few words on the formula.

Forgiveness is for giving. It is difficult to one to know how to give love if you’ve never received. Often the emotion gets twisted when the attention you receive is an attack disguised as love, or when a complement you receive turns out to be a clever insult. You can either choose to play the game on their turf, or learn to go beyond the endless cycle of sadomasochism.

A lesson for the Metal element is to know that the life at this stage is the game of survival, and everyone is for himself. Right or wrong, there is nothing you can do for the action of others’ free will. Find a way to make peace with yourself and let go of hate. Wash it all way.

16 Release - 流香
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