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17 Rebirth - 癒香

Fire of Metal Element - Neutral of Yang/Yin Element - Plant Self
Period of personality imprint - From the birth to 14 years, particularly during kindergarten to primary school.

Five Questions (Existential) - How Do You Feel?
Five Question (Metaphorical) - Every climate has its own challenges. What is your hardship?

A. Tropical. Had to fend myself against sarcasm
Therefore I need to give time for healing.

Possible current condition - Accepting and admitting that I have been wounded.

Basic fear - Not appear to be strong enough.
Basic inward desire - To be in light
Basic outward desire - To be fair
Positive personality characteristic - Able to grasp the current situation and making the right choice
Negative personality characteristic - Being impatient (picking the scab so to speak)

Intention of the perfume - I will give myself time to heal.

Chief = Helichrysum - Helichrysum itaicum - Asteraceae
Minister = Inula - Inula graveolens - Asteraceae
Minister = Melissa - Melissa officinalis - Lamiaceae
Minister = Elemi - Canarium luzonicum - Burseraceae
Minister = St. John's Wort - Hypericum perforatum - Hypericaceae
Assistant = Yuzu - Citrus junos - Rutaceae
Messenger = Valerian - Valeriana officinalis - Valerianaceae

You do not just apply cold to a burn. You must dress and cover the wound and give time to heal.

Helichrysum is the chief. Heli the greek word for Sun gives the hint that this plant thrives under the intense heat. Well known plant medicine in the cosmetic industry.

Inula, Melissa, Elemi, and St. Johns are four ministers with different roles. Inula is another of Astraceae family like Helichrysum but this plant works on the respiratory system. Very cooling oil. Melissa gives sweetness and comfort. Elemi covers wound for protection, and St. Johns offers emotional stability.

Yuzu is the assistant. This Japanese orange has understated citrusy scent. Used in bath for its calming property.

Valerian is the messenger. The root of this plant is used for calming and for sleep. Downward and inward energy to contain bruised emotion.

A few word about the formula

The Metal element is strongly affected by the birth family’s emotional constitution. If the space is limited to give individuals enough room to breath, the family must negotiate, otherwise there will be some form of aggressive behaviour to be expected. It can also happen that parents in their work environment experience the similar situation, and return home stressed and vent it out on their children.

Aggression causes friction and it causes heat. Too much heat will burn and the scar will remain until the cause is understood, often many years later.

Lungs is the internal vital organ that connect to the outside world directly. When the organ cedes its proper function, meaning not exchanging toxic air for the fresh one, then it would look for another outlet. Toxins have to come out of skin, creating dermatitis. On the emotional body. not being allowed to speak out freely may be the cause stuttering and asthma attack.

17 Rebirth - 癒香
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