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18 Liberty - 空香

Earth of Metal Element - Yang of Yang/Yin Element - Plant Self
Period of personality imprint - From the birth to 14 years, particularly during kindergarten to primary school.

Five Questions (Existential) - How Do You Feel?
Five Question (Metaphorical) - Every climate has its own challenges. What is your hardship?

A. Temperate. Had to fend myself against mundane.
Therefore I need to free myself.

Possible current condition - Feeling just fine, so long nobody bothers me.

Basic fear - Being restricted.
Basic inward desire - to be the master of his emotion.
Basic outward desire - to be free.
Positive personality characteristic - Self determined
Negative personality characteristic - Unable to care others.

Intention of the perfume - I hold my own space and don't let anyone bother me.

Chief = Fragonia - Agonis Fragrans - Myrtaceae
Chief = Ravensara - Ravensara aromatica - Lauraceae
Minister = Ravintsara - Cinnamonum camphora - Lauraceae
Minister = Hakka - Mentha canadensis - Lamiaceae
Assistant = Blue Cypress - Callitris intratropica - Cupressaceae
Assistant = Patchouli - Pogostemon cablin - Lamiaceae
Messenger = Rose Pepper - Schinus molle - Anacardiaceae

Fragonia and Ravensara are the chief. Fragonia is an Australian myrtle with fragrant flowers, and Raventsara is a Laurel family from Madagascar. They both possess high-top note without sharpness, speaking of their presence without overtly loud.

Ravintsara and Hakka are the ministers. Cinnamon tree leaves and mint leaves are included in this top heavy formula to give more free flowing energy.

Blue Cypress is the assistant. Also know as Kakadu Blue, this Australian rare tropical evergreen is endangered since the caretaker of land was forcibly removed. It brings out the memory of distant past.

Patchouli is the second assistant. Patchouli was the favourite scent among hippies. There is a sense of freedom within however heavily grounding scent.

Rose Pepper is the messenger. Rose Pepper is placed as the heart note in this formula. You are a seed not yet flowered, but the promise that your future is rosy pink of joy.

A few words about the formula.

There are two poles to why people seek liberty is the most important to behold.
On one extreme where people’s lives are restricted or controlled due to socio-economic condition. There, attacks on individual liberty is norm rather than exception. On the other extreme where life is easier because the value of personal liberty has been discussed and placed in writing, and consequently the economic condition more fluid. People in the first scenario, to fight or flight may mean annihilation. The only possibility is somehow to create the space of liberty within and hold it dear. On the other scale with higher standard of economy which affords liberty, a child may find their situation condescending to those with lesser gift (Buddha syndrome). Another child may take all the advantage of wealth but feels himself unworthy. Both children will end up taking the get-out-of-jail card and seek spiritual high outside.

Life is just a story, and the narrative has to have the beginning, middle, and the end. The situation the Metal element face is the middle one. You’ve learned to overcome fear (Water element) and you are not yet began taking full control of your destiny. But here is the place of learning multitude of emotions that makes your life story a beautiful one.

18 Liberty - 空香
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