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19 Courage - 勇香

Wood of Metal Element - Extreme Yang of Yang/Yin Element - Plant Self
Period of personality imprint - From the birth to 14 years, particularly during kindergarten to primary school.

Five Questions (Existential) - How Do You Feel?
Five Question (Metaphorical) - Every climate has its own challenges. What is your hardship?

A. Humid. Had to fend myself against physical abuse.
Therefore I need to fight back.

Possible current condition - Appear to be calm and together but fragile.

Basic fear - to become a victim
Basic inward desire - to be self sufficient
Basic outward desire - to appear "normal"
Positive personality characteristic - Knowing how to defend self.
Negative personality characteristic - Aggressiveness, Impulsiveness

Intention of the perfume - It's time to stand up and fight for my place

Chief = Nastatium - Tropaeolum nasturtium - Tropaeolaceae
Minister = Thyme - Thymus vulgaris - Lamiaceae
Minister = Kunzea - Kunzea ambigua - Myrtaceae
Minister = Teatree - Melaleuca alterifolia- Myrtaceae
Minister = Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus globulus - Myrtaceae
Minister = Citronella - Cymbopogon winterianus - Poaceae
Minister = Nettle - Urtica urens - Urticaceae

This formula is a collection of gentle plants that one way or another must battle against enemies.
Nasturtium is the chief. The language of flower for Nasturtium is “war”
All others are the ministers. No assistants and messengers. It’s time to gather up the might and be ready for the battle.
Thyme produce bitter sharp taste to protect its tiny leaves to be eaten.
Kuzea offers inner strength and supports respiratory function.
Tea tree heals battle wound and protects against infection.
Eucalyptus, a gum tree make its leaves unpalatable for most animals.
Citronella, a rice family grass make vigorous root system to withstand repetitive cutting of the top.
Nettle protect itself from animals with painful stinging leaves.

A few words about the formula

Unfortunately there are children who received incessant mental and emotional or even physical abuse from family members. Then the victim turns out to become the aggressor when they are out in a community. A bullying child is often the bullied child at home. As a grown up, an adult children may succeed in competitive world but still suffers from unhealthy relationship.

The Metal element’s central lesson is to let go and move on, but in this situation one must first learn to hold up the hand and say “no, I do not find it pleasurable” The aggressivity can be an asset when directed in the right direction.

19 Courage - 勇香
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