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20 Promise - 仁香

20 Promise - 仁香

A perfume that improves the relationship with work.

Perfume that makes you more patient.

Intention - The harvest time will come.

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Scent Character
Firmness, transparency, strength, richness, blessings of the earth, deliciousness

Personalty Traits

Possible Past Condition -
Unable to be productive, unable to be patient.

Possible current condition -
Not seeing the result of labor.

Basic fear -
Not being rewarded.

Basic inward desire -
Wealth, saving energy.

Basic outward desire -
Be valued for the work. Meeting expectation

Positive personality characteristic -
Steadiness, consistency.

Negative personality characteristic -
Too slow.

This formula supports Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras→

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Explained in Yin-Yang Five Element

Water of Earth Element -
Extreme Yin of Yin/Yang Element - Animal Self

Period of personality imprint -
From the birth to 21 years, particularly after puberty to youth.

Five Questions (Existential) -
What Do You Do? / What Are You Afraid of?

Five Questions (Metaphorical) -
Q. As a member of a group you must perform a task that is difficult or not to your liking. How do you respond?
A. I will put in the effort even if I don't see the immediate return.
I trust the harvest time will come.

A few word about the condition.

The Earth element relates to forward movement. We have two types of muscles: one which let you sprint, and one which let you run a marathon.

In case of Promise, we are focusing on our long muscle, (the marathon muscle). You may move slowly, but steadily. Saving energy to reach the goal is the important aspect in the current situation.

When it comes to daily life, question is about how you work to accomplish the expected task.
You may want to enjoy the reward as soon as it comes, but saving it for future downtime is the smartest move.

Message from Plants

Seeds store the information of plants for the next generation, and this formula is rich with potency.

Black Cumin is the Chief. It has many medicinal benefits, and being black, especially for the Kidney which controls the life force.

Two ministers are Ashwagandha and Coriander seeds. Ashwagandha is a miracle plant of India. Both of them supports cognitive function.

Two assistants are Evodia and Flouve. Evodia being the orange family assists in upper chakra and Flouve being the rice family supports lower chakra.

Two messengers, Sweet Clover and Fenugreek are both from bean family. They give the sweetness and fulfilling quality.

Role - Common Name - Latin Name - Family - Parts Used
Chief = Black Cumin - Nigella sativa - Ranunculaceae - Seed
Minister = Ashwagandha - Withania sonnifera - Solnaceae - Root
Minister = Coriander seed - Coriandrum sativum - Apiaceae - Seed
Assistant = Evodia - Evodia rutaecarpa - Rutaceae - Fruit
Assistant = Flouve - Anthoxanthum odoratum - Poaceae - Leaves
Messenger = Sweet Clover - Melilotus officinalis - Fabeaceae - Flowering top
Messenger = Fenugreek - Trigonella foenum - Fabeaceae - Seed

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