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21 Symbiosis - 合香

21 Symbiosis - 合香

A perfume that improves the relationship with work.

Perfume that that enhances harmony.

Intention - I will make offering to gain favour.

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Scent Character
Flexibility, comprehensiveness, composure, change of mindset, maximizing chances, sense of security, perseverance.

Personalty Traits

Possible Past Condition -

Possible current condition -
Difficult making or having useful/meaningful partnership.

Basic fear -
Not belonging.

Basic inward desire -

Basic outward desire -
Friendship, comradeship.

Positive personality characteristic -
Cooperative, useful, collective consciousness.

Negative personality characteristic -
Lack of self determination

This formula supports Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras→

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Explained in Yin-Yang Five Element

Metal of Earth Element - Yin of Yin/Yang Element - Animal Self
Period of personality imprint - From the birth to 21 years, particularly after puberty to youth.

Five Questions (Existential) -
What Do You Do? / What Are You Afraid of?

Five Questions (Metaphorical) -
Q. As a member of a group you must perform a task that is difficult or not to your liking. How do you respond?
A. I will make an offering to elevate my position. So that I am accepted.

A Few Word about the Condition.

The Earth element's organs are Spleen and Stomach. To keep them happy, we must work to earn the nourishment.

Humans are social animal. We make a team to attack the pray. Even though our ego wants the best cut of meat, we need to keep in mind that there are others who need to eat.

Your particular skill may not be enough to hunt on your own or win the game.

Being accepted and accepting of others for symbiotic relationship is the key to success.

Message from Plants

This formula pairs plants with opposite qualities to create symbiotic balance.

Two chiefs are Buchu and Corriander. Buchu has a top note and is a flowering top of wild orange family. Corriander seed gives rounded base note and supports lower chakra.

The minister is Vanilla. It gives sweetness of life.

Three assistants are Sparemint, Cardamom, and Wheat Bran. These cover the top, middle and base notes.

Jasmin is the messenger, sending the harmonious message and pure heart.

Role - Common Name - Latin Name - Family - Parts Used
Chief = Buchu - Agasthoma crenulata - Rutaceae - Flowering top
Chief = Coriander seed - Coriandrum sativum - Apiaceae - Seed
Minister = Vanilla - Vanilla planifolia -Orchidaceae - Seed pod
Assistant = Sparemint - Mentha spicata - Lamiaceae - Aerial top
Assistant = Cardamom - Elettaria cardamomum - Zingiberaceae - Seed
Assistant = Wheat Bran - Triticum aestivum - Poaceae - Bran
Messenger = Jasmin - Jasminum sambac - Oleaceae - Flower

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