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22 Tranquility - 楽香

22 Tranquility - 楽香

A perfume that improves the relationship with work.

Perfume that brings you calmness and collectedness.

Intention - I will take my time to do things right.

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Scent Character
Flexibility, comprehensiveness, composure, change of mindset, making the most of opportunities, security, persistence.

Personalty Traits

Possible Past Condition -
Unable to concentrate, distracted.

Possible current condition -

Basic fear -
Worry about getting results.

Basic inward desire -
Calmness, Richness, Elegance.

Basic outward desire -
Conquer difficult situations.

Positive personality characteristic -

Negative personality characteristic -

This formula supports Solar Plexus and Root Chakras→

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Explained in Yin-Yang Five Element

Fire of Earth Element -
Extreme Neutral of Yin/Yang Element - Animal Self

Period of personality imprint -
From the birth to 21 years, particularly after puberty to youth.

Five Questions (Existential) -
What Do You Do? / What Are You Afraid of?

Five Questions (Metaphorical) -
Q. As a member of a group you must perform a task that is difficult or not to your liking. How do you respond?
A. I will sit back and relax.
I will get better result when I am at ease.

A Few Words about the Condition.

The Earth element's emotional theme is overthinking and worry. These emotion stagnates movement, the role of the element.

The Earth element's organ Stomach, and the diaphragm is the emotional nerve center, and "Acceptance" is also the key word.

Being in the middle of the Earth, Tranquility focus on being calm.

Sometimes being in inaction is the best action.

Message from Plants

This formula helps you to be calm and observing.

Ginger is the chief. This medicine gives you warmth and settle the stomach.

The first minister is Fennel. It has the light sweetness that mellows you and also change the perspective.

The second minister Galbanum is deep settling character.

The third minister Turmeric is the chief's cousin, and it adds a little sharpness to raise the energy.

Lemongrass is the assistant. It helps you to stay loose in meditation.

Verbein and Wu Wei Zi as the messenger. They work to balance and harmonise what tends to be on heavy side.

Role - Common Name - Latin Name - Family - Parts Used
Chief = Ginger - Zingiber officinalis - Zingiberaceae - Root
Minister = Fennel - Foeniculum vulgare - Apiaceae - Seed
Minister = Galbanum - Ferula galbaniflua - Apiaceae - Resin
Minister = Turmeric - Curcuma longa - Zingiberaceae - Root
Assistant = Lemongrass - Cymbopogon citratus - Poaceae - Leaves
Messenger = Verbein - Lippia citriodora - Verbenaceae - Aerial top
Messenger = Wu Wei Zi - Fructrus schisandrae - Schisandraceae - Seed

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