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28 Freedom - 風香

Earth of Wood Element - Yang of Yang/Yang Element - Animal Self
Period of personality imprint - From the birth to ego, around 3 years to 28 years. Particularly at young adult stage.

Five Questions (Existential) - What Do You Want?
Five Questions (Metaphorical) - You've set a goal and walking the path. Suddenly appears a formidable mountain that blocks your way. What would you do?

A. The sight of mountain would only excite me.
I only see obstacle as an opportunity.

Period of personality imprint - Around 3 years (birth of ego) to 28 years, particularly the period of young adulthood.
Possible current condition -

Most important relationship -
Basic fear -
Basic inward desire -
Basic outward desire -
Positive personality characteristic -
Negative personality characteristic -

Intention of the perfume -

Chief = Kewda - Pandanus odoratissima - Pandanaceae
Chief = Mushroom - Bolettus edulis - Boletaceae
Minister = Wormwood - Artemisia annua - Astraceae
Minister = Hop -Humulus lupulus - Canabaceae
Assistant = Strawberry Gum - Eucalyptus olida - Myrtaceae
Assistant = Wheatbran - triticum aestivum - Poaceae
Messenger = Green Pepper - Piper nigrum - Piperaceae

28 Freedom - 風香
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