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13 Water Element

13 Water Element

Yin of Yin Element. Plant-Self. Downward energy. Beginning of life. Foundation.

Period of Personality Imprint: Pre-birth to around 7 years old

We came to this place as a seed having received DNA from parents. Just like a seed does not have a say in where it will be planted, your birth place, the family structure, financial, social standing of parents at the time of birth can not be changed.

Let us metaphorically express the theme of the water element with soil - hard/soft, wet/dry, and fertile/poor. Just as water does not choose a vessel, our mission is to accept life as a gift from God and do our best to prosper in any environment.

Physical Aspect:

Kidney, bladder meridian. In addition to water regulation and urination, reproductive and structural functions are also included. The functional deterioration of the water element appears in weakness of the waist and lower body, skeleton, hearing, memory, and hair. Since the latent power of the water element is predetermined, it is important to avoid unnecessary wastage.

The Emotional Aspect:

The theme of the water element is survival. At work there is the most primitive emotion, the "fear" of death. Fear can be used both negatively and positively. Negative emotions include anxiety, loneliness, poverty, withdrawal, depression, and jealousy.

The Spiritual Theme of Water Element: Forgiveness and Acceptance

Spiritual Aspect - forgive and accept all
Only a few lucky people have a problem-free life. Even seeds grown in fertile soil are always at risk of dying. Too much fertilizer will burn the roots, and too much water will rot the roots. Even the best land is useless without light. And there is a fact that aging is inevitable as long as it is a living thing. A wise person accepts everything and does not stress. The water element is the most primal place in human beings, so it is often thought that it has little to do with adult consciousness, but in fact it is the reference point for everything and it influences your personality. By looking back once, I think I can see my life in the future.

The question for the water element is "How Are You" which means "here and now". The scent you choose from among the water elements shows the state of the person at birth and can become a lifelong theme.
Five Questions (Metaphorical) - If you describe your upbringing as a plant, what kind of soil have you grown up in? Simple adjective word such as dry, wet, hard, soft, fertile, poor can be used also to describe the condition of the family at birth.

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