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13 Water Element

13 Water Element

Beginning of life. Foundation. Time of Imprint: Pre-birth to around 7 years old

We came to this place as a seed having received DNA from parents.
The birth place, the family structure, financial, social standing of parents at the time of birth can not be changed.
Like water does not choose a container, our mission is to accept this life as a gift of God, and do our best to prosper regardless of the given environment.

The Emotional Aspect of Water Element

The theme of Water Element is survival.
The most primitive emotion of “Fear” is at work here.
Fear can be used both positively and negatively.
Anxiety, loneliness, poverty consciousness, isolation, depression, jealousy are born out of fear.

The Physical Aspect of Water Element

Kidney and Bladder. Regulation of water and reproductive function.
Reduced function of Water leads to weakness in lower body, bone structure, hardness of hearing and hair loss.
The energy of Water Element is finite, so it is important to conserve and avoid useless waste.

The Spiritual Theme of Water Element: Forgiveness and Acceptance

Only a lucky few live life without problems. Even a seed grown in fertile soil can wilt.
Too much fertilizer can burn the root, or too much water will rot.
The best of land will be useless without sun light. On top of it, you can not avoid aging.
A wise accepts and do not stress.
As Water Element being the most primitive part of us, it is often out of our consciousness as adults.
However here is the starting point and where the personality traits are formed.
Taking a moment to reflect can lead you see your future.

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