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14 Metal Element

14 Metal Element

Yang of Yin Element. Plant Self. Upward Energy. Interpersonal Relationship.

Period of personality imprint: from birth to 14 years old. Strongly influenced at kindergarten/primary school time.

When seeds germinate and two leaves grow, they begins in search of the blessings of light. The sky appears to be infinitely wide, but in reality there is only a limited amount of space. The air also contains many toxins. Even if we knew, we can not hold our breath forever.

Individuals battle for survival, and to protect themselves. As Plants receives CO2 that we exhale, and gives us oxygen, this giving and receiving is fundamental to life.

However everyone is on survival mode, and only busy taking energy from others. Reactions in early growth are imprinted and appear later in personality, such as always aggressive, reserved, extremely meddlesome, and unfriendly.

The Physical Aspect

Lung, Large Intestine. Metabolic function. Importance of elimination especially breathing out. Otherwise develops respiratory and skin issues.

The Emotional Aspect

The feeling of "sadness" is born when the expectation of being given something that is taken for granted like air - the basis of relationships in this world - is not fulfilled. Many of the problems stem from the unreasonable behavior and aggression of people close to them, such as parents, relatives, and siblings. Not only materially, but when you don't give yourself the space you need to express yourself, your ability to communicate becomes impaired.

The Spiritual Theme of Metal Element: Let go and move on

The relationship between plants and animals is based on the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. In the same way, in the human world, give and take is fundamental, but everyone tends to forget to give in their own survival and energy. Forgive the ignorant actions of others who have harmed you = wash away, let go = breathe and you will find peace. In real life, the handicap caused by the water and metal elements can be covered later by the power of the Earth and Wood elements. ~By accepting, forgiving, and letting go of the actions of all those involved, you are the best gift you can give not only to yourself, but to future generations as well.

The question for the Metal element is "How Do You Feel?” Feeling is often related to your past experience. The scent you choose from among the Metal elements shows how the person responded to the surrounding aggression.

Five Questions (Metaphorical) - If you describe your upbringing as a plant, what kind of climate have you grown up in? Simple adjective word such as hot, cold, dry, humid, etc. can be used also to describe the condition of the child’s surrounding.

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