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15 Earth Element

15 Earth Element

Earth Element. As a member of the society. Earning your keep. Imprint period: Infant to puberty, youth 14 to 21 years.

Our life basically has not changed from the time of hunter-gatherer period.
We still fight as a pack to earn the daily nourishment. It is the world of the survival of fittest.
Earth Element is the place where the wisdom of animal self develops.
You must play the role given within the group, however it may not always what makes sense to you.

The Emotional Aspect of Earth Element

Our stomach is called the second brain, and it is very sensitive to stress.
The emotion of the Earth Element is “pensiveness, or worry”.
What you have to eat maybe poisonous.
Earning a new skill may end up not worth the effort.
Interested someone may consider you unsuited, etc…
Overthinking leads to indecision, and stagnation.
Calm yourself down, be at ease, at the same time holding some tension is the key.

The Physical Aspect of Earth Element

Spleen, Stomach. Break down what you eat and ready for absorption.
What to eat, what to learn, with whom to be romantically involved, what occupation to take..
all has to do with bringing outside energy in.
The Earth Element controls muscles, The power of muscle is in contraction, but if you don’t relax, it will not return.
It brings fatigue, loss of appetite, indigestion, obesity, sugar dependency.

The Spiritual Theme of Earth Element: Don’t worry, be happy.

As long as you live within a community, you must work together with others.
Sometimes it brings more than necessary stress.
The Earth Element’s theme is to accept the challenge with patience to “break down and absorb”.
We often face having to make a difficult decisions.
The key is to find a point of agreement even if it’s not acceptable.

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