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17 Fire Element

17 Fire Element

Extreme Yin/Yang element. Divine self. Circulatory energy.
Manifesting and being the true self. Period of personality imprint: Timeless.

The reason we are born into this world is to remember the true self, and to recreate the formless fire into tangible using the tool that is Water, Metal, Earth, and Wood Element.

Fire is our heart, soul, spirit, and purest self.

The flower that attracts others by expression of joy of living.

The Physical Aspect:

The Fire Element controls flow of blood, bodily fluid, and temperature.
Fire is the source of life, but too much fire causes inflammation, and too little causes chills, numbness, indigestion, diarrhoea, cough, stuffy nose. When the filtering action of Small Intestine is impaired, it will cause food allergy.

The Emotional Aspect:

The emotion of Fire is “joy”.It is a positive emotion, but excess can turns to aggression, impatience, impulsive actions.
Lack of Fire energy maybe linked to negative emotions such as vanity, jealousy, frustration, regret, sadness, and disconnection.

Small Intestine - the pair organ of heart has the role of distinguishing good and evil.
Dysfunction in this aspect shows up in unethical acts.
It is known that many sexual aggressors were also victims of sexual abuse.

Receiving what supposed to be the expression of joy from the wrong person, and in turn do it to others.
Unfulfilled heart becomes the slave if emotion.

The Spiritual Theme

Listen to your heart. The answer to the Fire Element’s theme, Who am I? is simply Love. Love is natural. Flowers give honey to bees and in turn able to make seeds. The same with the human world. Give love and share the joy.

The question for the fire element is "Who Are You?"
Sometimes people are just playing roles. Your true self may be somewhere else.

The scent of the fire element represents the 9 personality types shown in the Enneagram’s Personality Theory. As people live in the real world, their fixation of personality development (unconscious strategies for engaging with others and society, which lies in their fundamental fears and desires) is formed in any of the nine tendencies.

So do not think of your choice is the answer to “who am I” but your character in your action. Also you are likely to have more than one characteristic which you use depending on the situation.

Nine Fire Element Perfumes
1. 正香・JUSTICE I’m a perfectionist and love to be good.
2. 捧香・GIVER I’m a giver and love to help.
3. 歌香・DIVA I’m a performer and love to be the best.
4. 貴香・EMPRESS I’m an individualist and love to be unique.
5. 智香・SORCERER I’m an investigator and love to understand.
6. 祈香・ROSARY I’m a loyalist and love to believe.
7. 勢香・DYNAMO I’m an enthusiast and love to be satisfied.
8. 粋香・JOKER I’m a challenger and love to tell the truth.
9. 萌香・Maiden I’m a peacemaker and love to love.

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