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18 Five Questions (Existential)

18 Five Questions (Existential)

Five Questions is an exercise of self analysis to find out your (often hidden) emotional imprint.
Wherein lies your strength, weakness, clarity or confusion?
Knowing them can reveal why you tend to act a certain way,
and you can make a conscious decision to accept what you can not change, or to take actions and change what you can.

Because these questions are broad, answers that come intuitively without delay are often the truth. On the other hand, when there is hesitation, you will see that the respondent is in a self reasoning mode, hiding the true emotion. In this case, repeating the same question may be necessary.

How are you? ______________________________________

The verb “be” is the simplest, primal, and definitive state at this very moment.
The answer should either be fine or not fine. When your answer is somewhere in between, you are working with tertiary emotional experiences.

This question relates to the Water element, which is your foundation, connecting to the earth.

How do you feel? ______________________________________

Feeling is your internal state against the external space. Are you surrounded by your friends or foes? Do you feel safe where you must stay? Can you breathe freely?

This question relates to the Metal element, and the theme is your living environment.

What are you worried about? (afraid of?)___________________________________

This question deals with your performance. It relates to your place within the community you belong to. Are you being liked? Or ignored? The choice is not on you so you have to gain acceptance.

This question relates to the Earth element, and the theme is nourishment.

What do you want? ______________________________________

Want, or desire, is about freedom and self-determinedness. It relates to showing the world who you are by doing what is closest to your heart.

This question relates to the Wood element, and the theme is your creative energy.

Who are you? ______________________________________

This is perhaps the simplest but the most difficult question to answer because the question is in “be”, not “to be”. Find out the original, timeless self.

This question relates to the Fire element, the spiritual body.

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