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20 Perfume Composition

20 Perfume Composition

Each of 29 Oracle Perfumes are composed of seven plants' essential oils.

Each essential oils have a specific role in the composition. This formulation technique is borrowed from Oriental Medicine herbs are composed.

Chief = State the main theme of the formula
Minister = Supports the chief and work on the main theme
Assistant = Takes care of secondary or the root cause of the theme
Messenger = Delivers the message to locations that need it.

In perfumery, the word "note" is used to describe the quality of scents.

Top note = Elevating, refreshing scent. It is the first scent that you detect, but if applied on the skin it does not last for a long time (ca. 20min-1hr)

Middle note = or called Heart Note, It is often the flower or floral scents. It is comforting, or joyous quality. The scent will last longer than top note. (up to 2 hours)

Base note = Grounding, relaxing scent. The scent will last the longest. (more than 4 hours)

The idea is to create a perfume that contain all quality of notes. However in the case of Oracle Perfumes, some are purposely Top or Bottom heavy to help counter the person's state.

Chakras are the energy vortex within our body and designation for each essential oil is marked.

7th Chakra = From the crown reaching out to heaven. Essential oils with energy cleansing quality.
6th Chakra = Third eye. Wood Element. Essential oils that helps you to focus.
5th Chakra = Throat. Metal Element. Essential oils that open the respiratory channel.
4th Chakra = Heart. Fire Element. Flower/floral essences.
3rd Chakra = Solar Plexus. Earth Element. Essential oils that are calming, warming, or light.
2nd Chakra = Reproductive. Water Element. Essential oils that are tonifying, and grounding.
1st Chakra = Anus to the Earth. Essential oils that are heavy and grounding.

Five Element
Every essential oils belong in one or more of Element.

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