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21 How to Make an Oracle Reading 1

21 How to Make an Oracle Reading 1

The oracle reading process is very simple.

Have the client smell all 29 in the order of fire, water, metal, earth, and wood and choose one from each element. Next, read the story of each of the five perfumes chosen in turn.

This is short reading. It should not take more than 10-15 minutes for the client to make a selection.

Once you master the system, you can do the reading in about the same amount of time.

A session can be as long as needed, depending on the theme and openness of the client. And if there were other ways to connect and deepen therapeutic value, all would be possible.


Fibonacci images can be used to illustrate the system before the scent test starts or after a selection has been made.
The result is the same either way. It's only useful if you know the purpose of smelling the perfume, but some people just want to smell it right away.

Observing the selection process may help the reading.
fast (decisive or intuitive) or slow (planned or indecisive), methodical or chaotic, more or less of all or particular elements, and so on.

Observation gives me a better understanding of my clients and their perfume choices.

If you can choose, you can choose up to two. Also mention the scent they absolutely can't stand, if any.

This can indicate important patterns that they want to avoid in life.

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