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23 How to Make an Oracle Reading 3

23 How to Make an Oracle Reading 3

Seeing the balance (or imbalance)

We begin our life knowing who we are (in our superconscious) and we work manifest that which we are in this physical realm by using the set of tools called Water, Metal, Earth and Wood Elements

In each elements we face a challenge and how we responded to the experience is what is revealed in your choice of perfumes.

Oracle perfumes are colour coded to identify your response in Yin - Yang order.
In each element blue dot is most Yin, then gray, red, yellow, then green being the most Yang.

Among elements there are also Yin - Yang relationship.
Water Element is Yin to Metal Yang.
Earth Element is Yin to Wood Yang.
and Water and Metal are Yin to Earth and Wood Yang.

We, as an organism try to maintain balance and stay neutral.
For example, if one choose Yin perfume in Water, then choose Yang perfume in Metal
The same goes with Earth - Wood relationship,
and when Water/Metal time was difficult one, then one tries to compensate by working hard in Earth/Wood Element.

These swingings are necessary experiences that make our lives interesting with full of stories.

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