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24 How to Make an Oracle Reading 4

24 How to Make an Oracle Reading 4

Remembering Who We Are

Fire Element's 9 perfumes are also color coded to show their personality tendencies.
There are two perfumes for Water, Metal, Earth, and Wood.
And one is for Fire Element.

For example, if your client chose 1 Justice (Wood type) but chose Yin type perfumes from other element
it does not fit and difficult to manifest his Justice self.

You can discuss over this topic and perhaps find another perfume that allows easier return to the Fire.
He may agree with this and choose an alternative as "medicine" to meditate on.
But most often that his choice is the right one because this is exactly the lesson he is here to learn.

The job of Oracle Reader is not to dictate and influence the outcome, but merely to witness the wisdom and the memory that we all have, that we all came from Love.

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