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...Art of Perfumery and Divination.

Aromancy Online Consultation
(Please apply after completion of Pictomancy)                                        1 hour       80 Euros
Aromancy Private Session (Currently in Tokyo)                               Up to 4 hours    35,000 Yen
Custom Perfumery​
Aromancy uses only pure natural plant essences. Due to variation of raw material cost, the price will be determined at blending.
Aroma Stick total 1ml EO after blending + ethanol
Aroma Oil  Sample  1ml EO after blending + Jojoba oil = total 5 ml
Aura Spray  1ml EO after blending + Electrolyte water = total 50 ml
Eau de Parfum  EO blend 10% + Ethanol  =  50ml ,  100ml
Attar  EO blend 10% + Jojoba oil = 50ml. 100ml
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