Tsetse from Mongolia

Fresh arrival from Mongolia!
“I’m 26 years old from the capital city of Mongolia. After graduating from university and worked for two years, I decided it is the time to do what I’ve always wanted - to live abroad.”

She is just starting her new life in Japan full of optimism and none of challenges. As such, I think it will just be fun for her to explore the world of scents without any theme setting. I am also curious what kind of nose Mongolian people have...

Well, she had a voracious appetite for all kinds of scents, and gave me a lot of comments on her olfactory experience.
After 60 or so “tasting”, it appeared that a) she did not like the smell of evergreen leaves and neither rich flower scents. She expressed as “unfamiliar” most of mediterranean herbs. What she liked, either the sweet scents of Earth element and others she described as “minty”.

Pachouli reminded her of snuff used in Mongolia as a symbol of goodwill and welcoming guests.
Green Pepper reminded her of the countryside where animals are corralled. On Neem she said it as Arabic and she wanted to eat it.

On Hop she said “stressed morning bad mood” - lucky she didn’t move to Germany.

Her final composition was decidedly oriental, surprisingly sophisticated, without needing any suggestion from me. She chose all elements necessary to create strong but balanced perfume.

tsetse's choice.png